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Akwa ibom state: No amount of criticisms can stop our projects- commissioner

Akan Okon is the Akwa Ibom State commissioner for housing and special duties. In this interview with ANIEFIOK UDONQUAK, he gives an insight into the major projects being undertaken by the state government. A former commissioner for finance, he explains why the international worship centre is necessary and the progress of work on the Four-Point hotel. Excerpts:

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What is the government doing in the housing sector because there are reports that it has abandoned the housing estate in Uruan Local Government Area?

There is work going on there at Idu Uruan. And we are collaborating with the Federal Government to provide housing units for the people. But you know in the case of Idu Uruan there are lots of houses that were built there but some of them were not completed and we try to sell it to individuals. And the intention was to realise some funds there that could be used for infrastructure like electricity and roads. There is water already there. So water is not an issue. Unfortunately, given the present economic situation that Nigeria is facing and individuals as well, the payments are not coming the way we had expected. That is what has slowed it down. But it is the intention of government to make sure that the infrastructure required there is provided so that people can live there comfortably.

But the housing scheme was supposed to be done in Uyo, Eket and Ikot senatorial districts but unfortunately, nothing started in Eket. Does this government have any intention of building houses in Eket senatorial district?

Yes, just like I have said, if the resources are available, I am very certain this question would not have come up today. Yes, it was done in Ikot Ekpene, it was done in Uyo senatorial districts and I think government cleared the site in Eket. But I want to say that as soon as we are able to sort out this two we have started and we have funds available, the housing estate in Eket will be done. It is the intention of government to provide houses for our people and add to the housing stock in the state. You can see every day that more people are moving from rural communities to the state capital. So there is need for more houses to be provided.


There seem to be no life at the multi-million naira Tropicana entertainment complex. What is this government doing to ensure its completion?

Well, everything boils down to funding like I have said. But recently, decision was taken to partner with the private sector to get the place completed and put to use. And you know when it comes to private sector partnership; there are lots of processes that you must procure. So that is what we are doing now, and a lot of investors have shown interest. I am quite sure when that is completed the place will be finished. We have also signed Memorandum of Understanding with some interested investors. So it is not that there is no life there. I am quite sure by the time everything is completed you will begin to see the difference.

The state government planned to build a Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair (MRO) at its airport; several years after contract was awarded nothing has happened, what has happened?

There is hope. You know the governor is determined to make sure that those activities that will create employment opportunities for our people are encouraged in our state. And mind you, a lot of our people were trained to handle that facility but I think along the line, when there was a downturn in the economy, the MRO you are talking about could not be completed. But I can tell you now that there has been a technical evaluation on what has been done and there is an interested investor. And we are talking because they need to bring in funds to fund the place. So, I am quite sure it will be completed soon.

What about the runway at the airport too?

Work is ongoing at the second runway. Recently, we went for a visit there when members of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly came to see the extent of work that had been done. You know the same funding issue that affected all the other projects affected that particular project. But the governor is very passionate about completing that runway because we don’t want what happened in Abuja airport to happen here, when there was a situation that the runway was shut down for maintenance and flight could not land and all flights were diverted to Kaduna. So what we are doing now is to make sure that when there is the need to carry out maintenance, one will be available. The runway is 3.6 kilometres and it is 60 meters wide. And it has the capacity to carry a 747 cargo aircraft. So work is ongoing. If you go there now, the contractor is on site. And they have completed the laying of a special substance to make sure that it is durable.

Do you have any date for its completion?

And if we were to have all the money now, I can tell you it would be completed maybe in the next four months.

How do you respond to criticisms that greeted decision of the governor to construct an International Worship Centre in Uyo and at what stage is the controversial governor’s lodge in Lagos?

Well, I will start with the International Worship Centre. What I would like to say about that is that in life, especially in our state, there is nothing that you do that you won’t expect people to oppose you. The Airport we are using today, we said that our people don’t need to go to Calabar or to Port-Harcourt to fly, it was criticised. People that said we don’t need it and the same people are using it today. You know where you have opposition; they will want to do their work to oppose you. But you at the driver’s seat, you have to continue to do what you know is good because opposition will never stop. So for the worship centre, I think I have to thank God because God is not like humans. You have individuals building mansions for themselves and you are talking about having a place of worship. And mind you like you said, you have seen the account that has been published, you have individuals, you have corporate bodies, and religious organisations contribute to the building of the worship centre. In fact, there had been a situation where a journalist asked me what the economic value is. So I ask this question, economy and God which one should come first? The Bible say, ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you’. In fact, it is even good that you have asked this question. I want to urge everyone that building for God, there is always a blessing associated with it, that you can sow a seed. I told some of your colleagues not long ago that if you write positive story about that particular project and somebody reads it and is convinced and decides to contribute to it, God will register it for you that you were instrumental to convincing that man. The blessing that person will receive, you will get the same. For me, everything we do in life, everything we have been able to achieve is by the grace of God. So I believe that it is people that do not understand the essence of their creation that will criticise things like that because even the mouth that you are using to criticise it is God that gave you. So that is the situation but like the governor has said, that place will be built. It is not for any other thing, it is only a place of worship and we don’t have such a place in our state and we say it is the only state that is named after God. And mind you, a place that is for worship is not a place that if you want to throw party you go there. You can see that most times we want to hold solemn assembly we go to Ibom Hall and if we want to throw party we go to Ibom Hall. For me, I believe it is even late, but it is better late than never. So that project will be executed and for me as an individual, I feel very highly honoured and privileged to be the one that is superintending over that worship centre because I believe in God and I know what is involved in building for God. And about the governor’s lodge, work is ongoing according to plan. And three weeks ago, I took the House of Assembly committee on Finance and Appropriation to Lagos to see for themselves and they were impressed. And in the testimony they gave during a press interview, they commended the governor for that initiative because we deserve to have a place in Lagos. And they were quite happy at the pace of work and that the funds so far released have been judiciously used.

What is the state of the Four-Point by Sheraton Hotel Ikot Ekpene?

Well, I will like to say that for the Four-Point by Sheraton, the governor has paid the managing company which is Marriott now. Initially, it was Starwood Group. But you know very recently Starwood Group was acquired by Marriott Group. And during merger and acquisition, there is what is called housekeeping; that is the process of trying to integrate the various companies that have been acquired. That is the stage that we are now. I thank God and commend His Excellency the governor for paying what was outstanding to the company. And once they finish all what they are doing and they will bring in all the materials that are required. You know the managing company has a certain standard and then that place will be opened. You know, for a managing company they have a certain standard. And I know you would not have asked this question if you were part of the House of Assembly team that came for inspection you would have seen things for yourself. If you are taken on a tour of the place you will appreciate what is there and you will see that a lot of work has been done in the place. It is just a few things remaining like the small operating equipment. But once those things are completed that place will be ready for use.

With 2019 around the corner, are you worried that the opposition may frustrate the second term bid of Governor Udom Emnanuel?

But you know the opposition that you are talking about are on the pages of newspapers. Let’s be very honest. Unfortunately for the so-called opposition, Nigerians are wiser now because the government that we have at the federal level that came into power through propaganda and that has been responsible for the result that we are all getting. I am very certain I don’t know who you voted for. If you were to have voted for them I am sure that if they were to present themselves today you will not vote for them. So that has opened the eyes of the people. And apart from that the governor within the period that he has been in power, he has done excellently well. He has touched every facet of the state economy. It is on record that our state is one of the very few states that are able to meet up obligations to civil servants as and when due. You can see roads being constructed everywhere, the free medical care, free education is still being sustained and many interventions like payment of WAEC and NECO fees for our students. I think there is enough on the ground to show that the governor deserves a second term and that is why you have seen the level of endorsement of the people that he should go for a second term.

There is speculation that the metering factory in Onna is a jamboree because since its flag off nothing seems to be going on there. What is your take on this?

How? Let’s get this very straight. Every opportunity that I have to say something I like to state clearly that it is not the business of government to establish industries. The government’s responsibility is to provide the enabling environment that attracts industries. There are practices that are going on, the machines have come in. They are testing. So once those things are completed the place will be opened. Some people have been employed and are undergoing training just like the syringe factory. So when once the processes are completed, it will be opened. There is even a flour mill that is ongoing there and construction has commenced. So the governor has done what is expected of every responsible government which is to provide an enabling environment, provide the infrastructure that would attract industries. Prior to 2015, there was no industry producing in the state but the governor has been able to provide the environment and through contact he has been able to attract industries that have come to the state today to build and they are producing and employing people from our state. So I think this is one of the reasons why people are very happy with the performance of the governor.

Osun Federal Housing project 70 percent completed

The Federal Government National Housing Programme situated in Abere, Osun State has reached 70 per cent completion, Deputy Director, Architecture, Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing (FMPWH), Mrs. Lola Onwubalili has said.

She disclosed this during an inspection visit to the project site at the weekend in Oshogbo.


The Ministry official said the project has immensely benefitted the public including artisans, bricklayers, contractors, food vendors and ultimately meant to help address the housing deficit in the country.

She said 16 units have been practically completed while the infrastructure such as water, power and road is 90 per cent ready.

Onwubalili, who is the project Team Leader in the state, revealed that the housing project consisted 68 units of flats with two blocks of two-bedroom and two blocks of three-bedroom semi-detached bungalows including a condominium.

The condominium block which is still under construction has 24 housing units in all, consisting four units of one-bedroom, 16 two-bedroom and four three-bedroom.

According to her, 12 contractors were involved in the project, adding that they locally sourced their building materials and engaged about 360 direct employees aside from other indirect jobs.

“Osun State project is one of the five on-going sites in the south-west and we are proud to say it is the best in terms of progress of work.

“The programme has provided jobs not only for contractors and building professionals but scores of skilled artisans and hundreds of unskilled labourers,” she said.

In his remarks, FMPWH Federal Controller, Mr. Kolawole Kukoyi, said the National Housing Programme (NHP) situated in Ede North Local Government is an opportunity to provide affordable housing for the people.
Though, he explained that the Federal Government was yet to develop the modalities for allocation but gave assurance over the masses interest.

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Mrs. Adewuyi Modinat, sand supplier and Mrs. Titilayo Ayanlola, food vendor lauded government for creating jobs through the initiative and further called for quick commencement of the phase two of the project.

Meanwhile, in Kwara State, Team Leader, Kunle Shonibare said the state NHP has 38 blocks consisting 76 units of flats executed by 19 contractors.

He explained that the project which has reached 60 per percent completion will be completed before December, 2018.

The Kwara State Association of Suppliers said 34 of their members benefitted from the scheme by supplying all materials needed for the project.

The Permanent Secretary, Kwara State Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Engr. Abdulganiyu Mustapha pledged to provide additional land for second phase of the project.

He lauded the federal government for the initiative stressing that it should be replicated in other constituencies in the state.

He emphasised need for synergy to understand peculiarity of the state in delivering impactful project.

The programme kicked off in 33 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory between January and February, 2017 with the aim of delivering over 2700 housing units, engaging 653 contractors and providing jobs for over 54, 000 people.

Dangiwa showcases fmbn products to NIM council

The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) has called on members of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) to take advantage of its mortgage products to own houses.

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The Managing Director of FMBN, Mr Ahmed Dangiwa, gave the advice on Friday in Abuja when a delegation from NIM led by its President, Prof. Iyande Olakunle, paid him a courtesy visit.

Dangiwa commended the commitment of NIM in promoting efficiency and professionalism in the management of human and material resources.

He pledged that the bank would continue to sponsor its members to NIM professional development programmes to sustain the enrichment its human resources.

Dangiwa said that FMBN was established to provide affordable mortgages that would drive home ownership among Nigerian workers.

“This has been done through the National Housing Fund Scheme into which Nigerian workers in the private and public sector contribute 2.5 per cent of their monthly income into the pool.

“Through the scheme, the bank has continued to provide affordable mortgages to Nigerian workers and developers to finance housing development.


“We also have the FMBN home renovation loan with liberalised conditions for easy access where Nigerian workers are given N1 million to renovate their homes,” he said.
He also said the bank had developed a “rent-to-own’’ product, adding that this would soon be launched by the management.

Dangiwa disclosed that the scheme currently has estates in 10 states of the federation.

“We want to commence the “rent-to-own’’ as a pilot phase to ensure that payment of equity is removed.

“You enter into the house as a tenant and by paying the rent, it becomes your own over the years,” he added.

In his remarks, Olakunle said the visit was to congratulate Dangiwa on his appointment as the Managing Director of the bank.

He described NIM as a multi-disciplinary institution that cuts across all professions.

The visit, he said, was also to identify areas that the institute could contribute to the realisation of the goals of FMBN through training of its staff.

5 Reasons Buhari Chose Fashola As Minister Of Power, Works and Housing

Buhari chose Fashola as minister of power, works and housing for these reasons:

1. High spirit of patriotism

The former governor of Lagos state has always showed his passion for the progress of Nigeria. He believes in the project of a prosperous Nigeria. He proved this when he steered the ship of Lagos for eight years. He had always been at the forefront of Nigeria growing and developing to become the toast of other African countries where investors will come to establish companies and industries.


2. Fashola is a workaholic

The minister of power, works and housing is a person who never gets tired of whatever he sets his eyes to achieve. When he came in as governor of Lagos state in 2007, his hair was black. However, after eight years in which he turned Lagos into the state to beat in Nigeria, his hair had all become grey. Likewise, Fashola executed many projects that Lagosians will ever be grateful to him for. Fashola never gets tired of working to get positive results.

3. Highly innovative

Fashola is someone who brings new things on board. He used his intelligence to fashion out ways in which the internally generated revenue of Lagos state increased more than 100% while governor. He also came up with the Lagos state security trust fund, which assisted in reducing crime in the state.The restructuring of the once notorious Oshodi under bridge during his first term as governor is what a good number of Lagosians will never forget in a hurry. Oshodi used to be a haven for all forms of crime, illegal human abode and large traffic jams before Fashola cleaned up the place.

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4. A team player

The former governor of Lagos state never did things without making wide consultations and joining hands with people of like minds to bring progress to Lagos. He ensured that he implemented his predecessor’s idea for a Bus Rapid Transport System which eased the transportation problems of Lagosians.

5. Buhari’s trust in Fashola

Before the president selected Fashola as a ministerial nominee, there was a lot of talk from some quarters that Buhari might drop him due to some powerful forces within the ruling All Progressives Congress working against his nomination. However, the president had other ideas. He had so much faith in Fashola. He believed he achieved so much when he governed Lagos state. Moreover, Buhari saw Fashola as a disciplined man just like himself who was ready to work assiduously.

FMPWH Constitutes Committee to Work Out modalities For Occupation of NHP Houses

The Federal Government said on Friday that it has constituted a committee to work out modalities for the occupation of houses being built under the ongoing National Housing Programme (NHP).

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The Zonal Director, NHP, North-Central zone, Mr Valentine Nwaimo said this on Friday, during an inspection of the NHP project located in Osin Aremu, besides Asa Dam, Ilorin, Kwara.

Nwaimo in the company of some top officials of the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing noted that once the modalities were in place, the houses would be given out immediately to eligible people.

According to him, the committee comprised of estate surveyors and valuers, architects, engineers among other stakeholders expected to facilitate professional inputs for quick occupation.

With the ongoing first phase of the programme in 33 states of the federation, Nwaimo noted that there would be a second phase while the Federal Government was targeting to build 5,000 housing units in the long run.

Assessing the impact of the project and it’s contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), he stated that several lives have been impacted positively since its commencement.

“The project is for the primary purpose of providing accessible, affordable and decent housing for all Nigerians”.

He acknowledged the timely response of the state government and its readiness to donate additional land for the second phase of the NHP.

The Federal Controller and Team Leader of the project, Mr Shonibare Ibikunle said that there were 76 housing units under construction of which four units have been completed while 19 contractors were engaged.

Ibikunle who rated the completion level of the project at 60 per cent, said that it would be delivered before the end of 2018.

One of the contractors, Mr Babatunde Salle said in order to promote local content, he relied on made in Nigeria building materials and indigenous artisans at the project site.

“I have engaged 50 bricklayers, 30 carpenters, 20 iron benders and 20 suppliers, with the job, they are benefiting from the government because of its wealth and job creation.

The Zonal Director had earlier inspected the NHP project situated at Crusher Community, Lokoja, Kogi, comprising of 76 units of various housing types ranging from one, two and three bedrooms semi-detached.

The Team Leader of the Project in Kogi, Mrs Veronica Enesi, hinted that the project had attained 85 per cent completion, aside the road and water infrastructures.

She added that up to 24 units of the houses were ready to be given away once the Federal Government issues the directive to do so.

“Although we have challenges, looking at the terrains, there in a lot of erosion disruption at the site, some contractors have to construct soak away pits twice.

“When the road contract is executed and the drain is set, the erosion will be controlled,” she said.


It was also gathered that the project was almost interrupted by the youths in the community, but the Leader, Olu of Oworo, Hiro Adoga, intervened on behalf of the state government for the project to progress.

Meanwhile, the community leader, George Mattaga, told Housing News that the project had economic impacts on the lives of the people in the area.


Imperial Homes mortgage bank one of Nigeria’s leading mortgage banks, has assured Nigerians of its commitment to providing easy and affordable mortgage solutions to address and help reduce the housing deficit in Nigeria.

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The bank expressed this commitment through a statement released from its corporate headquarters in Lagos.

With a housing demand estimated at over 17 million accelerated by an exponential increase in population, Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank – formerly GTHomes – stated that there is an urgent need to providing financial solutions to owing your own home.
“We have always focused on leveraging on international best practices to provide affordable rates and packages for our customers. Our mission to provide affordable housing scheme for all Nigerians has been the driving force behind our operations, and we have made giant strides over the last couple of years, but we definitely believe that a lot more still has to be done,” said Ben Akaneme, Managing Director, Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank Limited.

“Since we changed our name to Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank Ltd from GTHomes Ltd in 2014, we have consolidated our position as one of Nigeria leading mortgage Bank by making Home ownership easy and accessible, as well as contributing to efforts to improve the industry, so that more Nigerians can afford and have access to mortgage solutions,” he added.


Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank Limited has an array of products, which include Imperial Homes Classic, Imperial Homes Direct, and Imperial Homes ESS offers some of the best rates in the country. They are specifically designed to make home ownership easy for Nigerians.

Why Government Should Support the Building Industry

Ayodeji Ake

Calling the attention of the government to the crawling building industry, the Managing Director of Knightstone Properties Limited, Mr. Adeniyi Adams, has said the government can score political goals not only by campaigning into offices but also investing in the building industry. Adeniyi lamented that the building industry seconds the Information Technology (IT) industry in massive labour employment, yet the government is paying little or no attention to them.

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Addressing journalists at the recent unveiling and handing over of 20 units of houses developed by Knightstone Properties Limited, he said government interventions in the building industry in terms of regulation of foreign exchange, mortgage systems and loans will sky rocket the industry. “In terms of building, government can score political goals. This industry is big and serving a good purpose. The government can support in various ways. Even If the pension fund can be used to support this industry, that will go a long way. The government really needs to support the industry”, he said.

Speaking further on mortgage system, Adeniyi said a larger percentage of the population are in the informal sector who has been disenfranchised of acquiring a land or buying a house because the mortgage system does not cater for them.

“We are not yet serious bridging the housing gap because if we are serious, we should address the issue of the mortgage system. The mortgage system is a not catering for the informal sector and that’s where we have the population of people on the street, the market people, and others into business. But because they don’t have proof of income, the mortgage system doesn’t cater for them,” he said.


Urging the government on swift intervention in the building industry, Adeniyi stated that Nigeria has the capacity of churning out houses in low prices to curb housing deficit if only the government can assist the industry. “We should be delivering bungalows at three to four million naira if all things being equal but it’s practically impossible when everything is on the high side. We really need the government to come to our aide,” Adeniyi said.

NESG Seeks Special Intervention Fund on Mass Housing Devt

Ndubuisi Francis in Abuja

The Infrastructure Policy Commission (IPC) of Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG) has advocated the need for Nigeria to develop a special intervention fund that would help to subsidize the cost of mass housing development.
This is even as the group rejected the current 17 million housing deficit, adding that one of the cardinal responsibility of government is to guarantee the security and welfare of the people.

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Member of the Committee, Engr. Kashim Ali who disclosed this yesterday when he led members on a courtsey visit to Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) headquarter in Abuja noted that ‘citizens cannot be said to be secured when they lay under the bridge’.

He noted that the essence of the visit is to seek for effective collaboration with FMBN since its the foremost institution on mortgages and housing delivery in Nigeria.

According to him, “We also want you to consider the recommendations made in the last NESG summit especially the ones that concerns the urban and housing development sector”.

Ali who is the president of Council for the Registration of Engineers in Nigeria (COREN) further sought FMBN backing in enacting laws on titling, foreclosure and construction of housing projects .
He noted that such laws should be protect investors, developers and home buyers.

Reacting , the managing director of FMBN, Arch Musa Ahmed Dangiwa recalled that the bank participated actively in the last economic summit as one of the discussants on housing and opportunities in low cost housing.
He added, “We are happy to receive your indication of interest to partner with us towards enhancing affordable housing which is one of your key focus”.

Dangiwa maintained that FMBN has improved the turnaround time on access to loan saying that the bank has reduced the ease of doing business to enable people access loans as quickly as possible.

Lagos Govt reduces Land Use Charge

•No more penalty for late payment
•Payment can be made by installments

The Lagos State Government has announced the reduction in the Land Use Charge.


Reports say the reduction was part of the conclusions reached at the meeting of the Lagos State Executive Council chaired by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode on Thursday (today).
The state government had jacked up the charges payable by 400% as enabled by the Land Use Charge Law of 2018.

Sequel to the reduction, therefore, the government has done the following:

• Cut commercial charges by 50 percent

• Reduced charges for owner-occupier with third party — including industries and manufacturing concerns by 25 percent

• Waived penalty for late payments across board
• Given tax credits for LUC charges already paid

• Introduced Installment Payment System

Stakeholders had criticised the increment of the LUC, insisting that it was capable of affecting business and the general financial wellbeing of Lagos residents.

Such stakeholders included the Organised Private Sector, Nigeria Bar Association, real estate investors & developers, landlord & resident associations, community development associations, Civil Society Organisations, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors & Valuers and several other professional groups.

Now, commercial property owners will be granted 50 percent discount. This means a commercial property valued at N20m which was earlier billed N91,200 will now pay N45,600 per annum.

Property occupied by owner and third party and property used for industrial and manufacturing purposes will now enjoy 25 percent discount. This means that a N20m property expected to pay N30,720 will now pay N23,040 per annum.

Owner-occupied property will enjoy 15 percent discount. So, for a N20m property, this used to be N9,120. Now, it is N7,752 per annum.

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Meanwhile, the penalty regime for late payment of LUC has been waived completely. Therefore, LUC payers who have received their bills will no longer be penalised for late payment of bills issued in 2018, thereby providing additional relief to LUC payers.

Other rates and reliefs, apart from the ones stated above, will remain unchanged and will be implemented as stipulated by the Law.
These include 40 percent general relief, 10 percent for 70 years and above, 10 percent for properties owned by persons living with disability and 10 percent for properties that are 25 years old and so on and so forth.

Owners of Property across all categories will now be allowed to make payments by installments, to reduce the burden of taxation on citizens.

The sitting resolved that it shall forward to the Lagos State House of Assembly for review and passage the following regulations:

a) The Regulation for review of applicable rates and regime of reliefs on Categories of Properties pursuant to LUC Law.

b) The Regulation for a framework for self-assessment.

Kenya, Ghana To Partner Visionscape On Waste Management, Electricity Generation

Waste management company, Visionscape and the government of Ghana have signed an agreement on waste management and electricity generation, while a similar arrangement is already being worked out with Kenya.

According to reports, Visionscape and authorities of Ghana and Kenya have had series of meetings in Lagos and Dubai.

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It was gathered that the Ghanaian delegation said they were impressed by the global pedigree of Visionscape and they would like the company to provide an end to end solution in the management of their waste. The Ghanaian team, it was further gathered were impressed with the new compactors and other facilities Visionscape was bringing into Lagos for its operation.

It was further gathered that a presentation was made on behalf Visionscape by a company identified as GIL Capital to the Governor of Nairobi City County in Kenya.

A source said the Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, had written a letter to Visionscape inviting the organisation to make a detailed presentation on the prospective waste management approach that could assist his County to have a one-stop shop management solution.


The presentation it is expected would include how to generate electricity from a garbage dumpsite.

Visionscape Group, an environmental utility group of companies already has operations in Dubai, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Lagos, Nigeria.

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