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Another set of beneficiaries to get CoO

The Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun will be distributing Certificates of Occupancy and other land title documents to another batch of beneficiaries under the Homeowners’ Charter Programme.

The Director-General, Bureau of Lands and Survey, Mr. Biyi Ismail, who disclosed this in his office, said beneficiaries would be collecting their documents as from Wednesday, March 28, 2018 by 9am prompt at the Arcade Ground, Governor’s office, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta.


How Land Use Charge’ll affect tenants

Although the Lagos State Government has allayed fears that the Land Use Charge (LUC) will have negative effect on tenants, there are strong indications that property owners may not escape its crippling consequences. This is because, the introduction of LUC, will definitely increase the cost of property and that will have a ripple effect on the cost of hiring property. Tenants will therefore be made to pay the difference. This will start immediately for those who are about to pay for accommodation while those who have already paid will have to wait till next year when their rents will expire.

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Because of the way the LUC was introduced, residents are calling reversal of the increase slammed on land/building owners in Lagos by the administration of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode. At the vanguard of opposition to the new rate are opposition political parties, residents of highbrow estates in Lagos, business and professional associations. The state government has used all available instruments to pass the message across. But despite the efforts, the message is not going down well with residents of the state including trade professionals.

The Organised Private Sector (OPS) has already indicated that the review was not adequate.

A political party, Action Democratic Party (ADP), for instance, described the increase in the LUC as obnoxious, while claiming that the new levy would geometrically increase the level of hardship residents of the state face.

ADP argued that the increase would lead to an upsurge in rents paid by Lagosians and subsequently render many homeless. The party added that government exists for the people and people are not supposed to suffer in the hands of those who are serving them as a result of callous policies by the government of Lagos State.


“If the state government is out on an aggressive revenue drive, it should not be done in a manner that will further wreak the already poor and struggling majority in the state,” ADP added.

For its part, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikeja branch, expressed displeasure at the new charges, which it argued will lead to further impoverishment of over 17,000,000 Lagosians.

NBA maintained that the poor economy is already negatively affecting the people while urging the governor to be sensitive in implementing policies that would gravely affect the residents of the state. According to the lawyers, if after seven days, Governor Ambode fails to reverse the new charges under the LUC Law 2018, they will go out on full protest.

Speaking on the planned protest, the Chairman of the branch, Mr. Adesina Ogunlana, said the protest march tagged, ‘Hell’ would start from the branch secretariat in Ikeja all the way to the Lagos State Secretariat in Alausa. Ogunlana said the branch was set to begin the first phase of critical and constructive response to the “decidedly insensitive, provocative, arbitrary and parochial tax agenda programme” against the Ambode administration. According to him, it is clear that if these regimes of tax are allowed to stay, Lagos would be turned into a toxic environment and a living hell.

“Even ordinarily in Lagos State, accommodation is only cheap and easily affordable for those who live in the parks and under the bridge. The governor should not hide under the umbrella of working to develop Lagos into a mega-smart city to kill Lagosians with pharaonic taxes. We urge the governor to rethink his decision and immediately scrap the increment in the LUC or risk being voted out of office as he is seeking second term.”he said.

Similarly, the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), said stakeholders were not consulted before the decision to increase the charges was made.

They added that the increase would contribute to the folding up of many companies in Lagos. MAN, through its President, Frank Jacobs, noted that the state would be setting a bad precedence for other states if the law stands. Jacob also noted that members of MAN would be affected by the law because it will lead to increase in the price of locally-made goods and finished commodities in the state thus killing local companies in the country.

But the governor, at a parley with the OPS, tagged: “Lagos Means Business” held at the Eko Hotel and Towers, Victoria Island, Lagos, recently told the audience comprising business moguls and captains of industry that the LUC was supposed to be reviewed every five years, but lamented that the law had not been reviewed since 2002 when it was set up, which spanned about 15 years. But those who analysed the matter believe that successive governments ran away from it on the ground of its sensitivity and economic conditions of the citizens. They argued that it was insensitivity that beclouded his sense of reasoning coupled with the massive support he got during the elections that brought him as governor.

The governor maintained that, “now, the question is this; those who are having commercial property, if they compare the rental income they were getting in 2002 against the rental income they are getting in 2017, are they the same? The issue is this, the level of infrastructure that existed in 2002 as against what has happened in the last 15 years, are they the same? Did it not come at a cost? So, why is the market value of the property you built with N1 million, 15 years after, now selling at N20 million?

“Why do you think somebody who is a buyer will pay N20 million for it? Is it not because of the facilities around the property? So, we have to sacrifice; that is how it works everywhere. So, somebody comes and says we have increased by 400 per cent. The question is, the 400 per cent of what? You were paying N10,000 before, now we say you should pay N50,000 and you are calculating and turning statistics upside down by saying it is 400 per cent. Is it not still small?” Ambode asked while justifying the increase in LUC.

To make the bill pass through, the Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Akinyemi Ashade, laboured in his capacity as the man in charge of the court and said that the government has extended the period for taxpayers to enjoy the 15 per cent discount in the reviewed LUC law to April 14, 2018 to enable the implementation and enforcement of the new law, as well as allow many property owners to benefit from the discount.

Ashade took time to clarify reactions to some sections of the public on the new law. He explained that under the old law, which had not been reviewed for over 15 years, the LUC rate was totally inaccurate and retrogressive and was depriving the state of keeping track of all economic activities that relate to land in Lagos State.

He stated that the rates, which were reviewed by the Lagos State House of Assembly and signed into law by the Governor on February 8, 2018, is a merger of all property and land-based rates and charges in the state.

According to him, the new law is a consolidation of ground rent, tenement rate, and neighbourhood improvement levy.

This charge is payable annually in respect of all real estate properties in the State, which means owners and occupiers holding a lease to a property for 10 years or more are now liable to pay the annual LUC invoice charged. Thus, the Tenement Rates Law, the Land Based Rates Law, the Neighbourhood Improvement Charge and all other similar Property Rates or Charges, Laws or amendments to any such property Laws shall cease to apply to any property in Lagos State as from 2018. Nonetheless, all pending invoices, orders, rules, regulations, etc. under the 2001 repealed Law shall continue to be in effect until such obligations are discharged, “he stated.

REDAN Decries High Casualties In Estate Business

Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) has identified undefined and uncharted leap of faith operating environment as the cause of casualties in the estate business. The President, Rev. Ugochukwu Chime made this disclosure during his acceptance speech and investiture as the president of the 5th REDAN National Executive Council 2018-2020 in Abuja.


Starting that the many casualties is impossible for the association to ignore, he added that the fifth exco which he would preside over would strive to position itself to ensure formidable discharge of its mundane responsibilities in areas of housing advocacy and standardisation of products and services.

Chime noted that the challenges hindering a seamless interface of and smooth transaction on the housing value chain had been identified and would be dealt with progressively. He stated: “Issues of data, finance, land administration, monitoring and compliance with the extant laws and best practices e top of our priority list. “In doing so, we call on government arms- the executive and legislature to give us support in our course to bring succour to the Nigeria’s real estate sphere. The structure and enabling environment that will govern the interface and relationships among players must be clearly defined. “The current undefined and uncharted leap of faith operating environment has yielded too many casualties for us to ignore,” Chime said. The president stressed that the data collation effort initiated by REDAN/Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) under the auspices of National Real Estate Data Collation and Management Program (NREDMP) would be enhanced and sustained. He stressed that the publication of the data on the outcome of the National land Administration Offtakers affordability; Business Survey and Household Condition Survey would be in April 2018.

“We shall further the work we initiated with Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Corporation (NMRC) and other stakeholders to ensure ease of doing real estate business and make home ownership accessible and affordable, while expecting cooperation from policy makers and other agencies,” Chime said. The president said the future of socio-economic development of the country is tied to how the country articultes, profound and propel strategies that would unlock the huge potentials in the real estate industry.

Buhari’s economic blueprint does not address Nigerians’ needs — Bill Gates

The present economic templates being used by the Muhammadu Buhari government do not have the ability to address the unique needs of Nigerians at present, American business magnate, Bill Gates, has said.


The philanthropist and founder of Microsoft corporation however said Nigeria has the ability to approach ‘upper middle-income status’ like Brazil, China and Mexico, but added that achieving this status depends on ”the choice Nigerian leaders make”.

Mr. Gates, at the special and expanded National Economic Council, held in Abuja on Thursday tasked Nigerian leaders to sincerely invest in not just infrastructural development but also human investment.

The theme of the meeting was “Role of human capital investment in supporting pro-poor and economic growth agenda”.

The investor said though Nigeria is rapidly approaching upper- middle income status, the country has ”unmatched economic potential and what becomes of that potential depends on the choice Nigerian leaders makes”.

He said the Nigerian government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) identifies “investing in our people” as one of three “strategic objectives”.

But the “execution priorities” do not fully reflect people’s needs, ”prioritising physical capital over human capital”, he said.

“To anchor the economy over the long term, investments in infrastructure and competitiveness must go hand in hand with investment in people. People without roads ports and factories can’t flourish. And roads, ports and factories without skilled workers to build and manage them can’t sustain an economy,” he said.

President Muhammadu Buhari on assumption of office had unveiled a four-year ERGP (2017-2020) to help propel the country towards the path of development and growth.

ERGP is an economic plan that builds on the 2016 Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP), a short term plan aimed at tackling corruption, improving security and rebuilding the nation’s economy.

ERGP seeks to build on the SIP by restoring growth, investing in people and build a global competitive economy.

Mr. Gates said the most important choice Nigerian leaders can make is ”to maximise the country’s greatest resource, which is the people”.

He said Nigeria will thrive when every Nigerian is able to thrive.

“If you invest in their health, education, and opportunities- the human capital we are talking about today, then they will lay the foundation for sustained prosperity. If you don’t, however, then it is very important to recognise that there will be a sharp limit on how much the country can grow,” he said.

According to author, Nigeria’s government revenue as a percentage of its GDP is by far the lowest in the world, at 6 per cent and this makes the government investment in Nigerians difficult.

“The next lowest country, Bangladesh collects 10 per cent of its GDP. If you got yourself up to second to the last in the world, you would have an extra $18 billion to budget. Obviously, you are aiming higher, but it gives you some idea about the scale we are talking about.

“We want to support you in your work to mobilise resources to invest in your country and I urge you to rethink your investment on Nigerian people,” he said.

Speaking, Nigerian billionaire business man, Aliko Dangote said for the next generation to thrive as adults and drive the economic progress, ”the government need to invest in their health and wellbeing”.

“The government need to invest in the youth’s ability to learn and apply new skills in an ever changing global economy. That at its core, is what we mean by human capital; healthy and productive and well-educated young people who are then enabled to succeed, lift up themselves and their families, and contribute to the society through their own ingenuity.

REDAN to publicise real estate data to boost affordable housing Estate

By Ella Anokam


The Real Estate Development Association of Nigeria (REDAN) says it will publicise the outcome of the national land administration, off-takers affordability and household condition survey in April to enhance housing sector.


Rev. Ugochukwu Chime, National President of REDAN, made this known at his investiture as the fifth REDAN President in Abuja.

The Professional said that REDAN would enhance and sustain the data collation, under the auspices of the National Real Estate Data Collation and Management Programme (NRE-DCMP) to boost affordable housing.

Housing News Abuja Correspondent reports that NRE-DCMP was initiated by REDAN and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to collate property price index nationwide to solve year-long housing problems in the country.

Chime noted that the data would enable appropriate planning and fore-casting to take place, saying that justification of intervention by the government would also be elicited.

The Surveyor said that the data to be publicised was collated from the national land administrators on pre-construction, construction and post construction activities within each state and FCT.

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“Data will also emerge from developers profile and capacity, demand and affordability profile of the market within a given locality and household condition survey.

“We shall further the work we initiated with the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Company, and Mortgage Bankers Association of Nigeria and other stakeholders to ensure ease of doing real estate business.

“It will make home ownership accessible and affordable while expecting cooperation from policy makers and other agencies,’’ the expert said.

The national president noted that the pledge was borne out of the desire to see housing playing role of being source of economic empowerment for the citizens through employment generation.

According to him, the future of socio-economic development in Nigeria is tied to how the association articulate, propound and propel strategies that will unlock the huge potential in the industry.

He thanked all the founding fathers, who had been laboring and their successors to see that the paradigm shift in home ownership approach.

Chime said that the association needed service providers like lawyers, surveyors, town planners, estate valuers, architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, builders, marketers and media practitioners.

This collaboration, he said, would ensure that the multidimensional and multidisciplinary demands of the real estate industry were effectively actualised.

“The fifth executive will strive to position itself to ensure formidable discharge of its mundane responsibilities in areas of housing advocacy and standardisation of products and services.

Chime noted that he would consolidate and enhance the laudable agenda setting and advocacy efforts of his predecessors.

The work of re-engineering and improving the internal mechanism and processes of REDAN to reposition its service and housing delivery was on course.

Chief Olabode Afolayan, former REDAN National President, also noted that for its mandate of meeting housing needs to be achieved, strong partnership and cooperation were needed with stakeholders.

Afolayan commended those who had achieved a milestone in the housing sector by delivering housing units for the benefit of the masses.

FG to Sustain Partnership With Private Sector on National Housing Policy- Minister

The Minister of State, Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Surv, Suleiman Zarma has said that the Federal Government will continue to encourage the organized private sector and development partners within and abroad to invest in Nigeria’s housing market in view of its viable and enormous potential. He stated this at the 2nd Real Estate Development Association of Nigeria (REDAN) Building Expo in Abuja. The Minister said, ‘’the present administration has demonstrated commitment and will sustain partnership with the private sector towards the full realization of the National Housing Policy which places emphasis on private sector driven housing delivery’’. He added that budgetary allocations were being consistently provided in the fiscal years to guarantee effective collaboration with contractors for housing delivery across the country.

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The Minister commended the effort of REDAN for organizing the Expo, stating that the organized private sector is not only heeding the call by government for close collaboration in addressing the housing challenges but also taking the lead in doing so. Suleiman explained that the emergence of the on- going National Housing Programme in each state of the federation was part of the administration’s determination to provide shelter and affordable housing to Nigerians, adding that other housing programmes such as the Mass Housing under the prototype housing scheme and the Ministerial Pilot Housing Scheme were other strategic housing programmes embarked by the administration to bridge the housing deficit in the country.

President of REDAN, Rev Ugochukwu Chime said the main thrust of the Build Expo is to ‘’further enunciate to stakeholders the essence of collaboration to upscale the real estate and housing sector of the Nigerian economy’’. He observed that the bane of the sector has been the unarticulated and individualistic efforts which produces insignificant results to change the expected momentum Nigerians desire. According to him, ‘’housing is no more about providing shelter, it is now a veritable tool for employment generation, inclusive economic growth and fulcrum to reversing economic downturn in most climes’’, adding that it is the engine of growth that propels development. In his keynote address, Professor Timothy Nubi, Director, Centre for Housing Studies of the University of Lagos restated the need for collaboration amongst stakeholders in the housing sector and also with the government.


He said stakeholders must understand the real estate development value chain processes which includes: site generation, development appraisal, development research and design, arranging development finance, building contract, construction management and disposal of finished houses, adding that the processes can produce over 250 ancillary industries. He identified collaboration at all levels as the major driving force and advised government to create enabling environment to guarantee the desired impact.

Housing Award: REDAN honours Jakande, Mabogunje, Foundation, others

The Real Estate Development Association of Nigeria (REDAN) has honoured Dr Lateef Jakande, Prof. Akin Mabogunje and many others for their immense contributions in the housing sector.

The merit award was given to 16 developers in the sector on the sideline of the fifth investiture of REDAN re-elected President, Rev Ugochukwu Chime and the Executive members in Abuja.

Jakande, pioneer President of REDAN, Mabogunje, former Chairman, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) Technical Board and Chief Guy Okechukwu, REDAN former Secretary General were honoured for their sacrificial role and commitment in the sector.

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Among the 16 award recipients were Millard Fuller Foundation, FMBN, FHA, Ekiti state Housing Cooperation, Ebonyi state Housing Cooperation, JEDO Investment Ltd., COPEN Group Estate, CITEC Estate Ltd. and Shelter Initiative Ltd.

Chime said that the award was aimed at encouraging real estate developers unto more inventiveness, diligence, resourcefulness and perseverance in the industry.

According to the president, the awardees have successfully completed their estates and fully repaid the Estate Development Loan (EDL) they took from FMBN.

“The merit award is aimed at appreciating the developers for of their innovation and demonstration of viability of affordable housing initiative.

“The challenges hindering a seamless interface of and smooth transaction on the housing value chain has been identified and will be dealt with progressively.


“Issues of data, finance, land administration, monitoring and compliance with extant laws and best practice among others are top on our priority list,’’ the professional said.

In response, Dr Sam Odia, Managing Director, Millard Fuller Foundation, one of the awardees, thanked the new REDAN management on the honour bestowed on them.

Odia said that his passion and effort in Providing affordable housing in Nigeria would continue till all homeless Nigerian became home owners.

The foundation, a faith based organisation, is known for its quest in providing affordable housing units for low income earners.

Eulogies, assurances as Rev Chime gets REDAN’s highest honor

His leadership antecedents assures of his capabilities – Investiture Committee
How we will provide multiple homes for Nigerians, by Rev Chime
The Nigerian built environment received a major boost on Wednesday as stakeholders of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) and other individual and institutional stakeholders of the industry bestowed multiple votes of confidence on the leadership of the fifth executive members of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), headed by an astute professional, Rev Ugochukwu Chime who was recently elected into office as the fifth President of the association.


The investiture ceremony which was chaired by a former Minister of Lands and Housing, Ms Amal Pepple doubles as the 2018 Awards Presentation Ceremony of the association where successful real estate developers were honored for the ability to pay back Estate Development Loans (EDL) disbursed by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria.

The Chairman of the Investiture Committee, Dr. Aliyu Wamako who described the ascendancy of Rev Ugochukwu Chime to the presidency of REDAN as a plus for the association, described Chime as a man who has built a track record of excellent leadership performances stating that he is “a development icon of the Nigerian building industry.”

According to Wamako, “Chime’s leadership will take REDAN to greater heights.”

The immediate past President of REDAN, Chief Bode Afolanyan who was in consonance with the investiture committee recalled that the founding of REDAN in 20013 was to facilitate provision of affordable houses to Nigerians adding that the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) must be recapitalised in order to reposition it for effective service to Nigerians.

President of REDAN, Rev. Ugochukwu Chime who warmly welcomed the guests assured that the fifth executives of REDAN will device new strategies that will lead to the greater realisation of objectives.

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Recalling the efforts that led to the founding of REDAN, rev Chime said: “I am particularly enthused because the journey which started in 2002 by the thoughts of the Board of the Presidential Technical Board of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria led by Prof. Akin Mabogunje at Chelsea Hotel, Abuja, has become a colossus,” adding that the teething problem of defining and acceptance of the crucial role and responsibilities of real estate developer is gradually dawning on all real estate developers.

“We want to use this medium to thank all the founding fathers who labored; and their successors who are laboring to ensure that the paradigm shift in home ownership approach from using savings, equity to own a house, to use of mortgage is clearly understood by all stakeholders and entrenched in the socio economic planning, laws, policies and processes of housing development in Nigeria.

“This is becoming well rooted in the annals of the country’s policy and real estate business decisions,” he said adding that real estate development is an entrepreneurial endeavor aimed at producing quality and affordable housing.”

“The entrepreneurs are managers of the diverse interests of stakeholders in the housing product value chain and first port of call for investors and citizens who need mass and service providers.”

“The fifth Executive Council of REDAN which I shall preside over, will strive to position itself to ensure formidable discharge of its mundane responsibilities in areas of housing advocacy and standardization of products and services.”

He said his administration will consolidate on the achievements of visionary leaders such as Lateef Jakande who have worked hard to ensure provision of homes to Nigerians, adding that the warm hand of fellowship extended to the association by diverse public and private sector organizations will be strengthened and serve as building block to ensure that Nigerians reap the benefits of accelerated and inclusive real estate development.


The organizers of Abujahousingshow will be highlighting housing successes across Nigeria at this year’s 12th Abuja International Housing Show.

I invite and encourage all stakeholders in the Real Estate Industry to send in their stories – including photos and videos too. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your housing success and share your strategies with Lenders, foreign investors, industry colleagues and policy makers.

Are you a Non-Profit or NGO that has assisted an exemplary special needs housing project? Are you a Mortgage Bank that assisted a family overcome substantial obstacles to purchase their first home? Are you a Federal or State Agency that has an effective strategy for housing homeless Nigerians? Are you a State Housing Finance Agency whose repossession intervention / prevention program changed the life of individuals or families? Are you a Professional Association that has created a working partnership that could be a model for other Advocacy Groups? Do you do an excellent job of showcasing and marketing your NHF success stories? Have NHF FUNDS impacted the life of a local family?

If so, email your housing success stories to Abujahousingshow at abujahousingshow@gmail.com by May 31st, 2018.

Your story / project could be listed on our website and featured during the four day conference……..

NBA Threatens Mass Action Over Lagos Land Use Charge

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikeja Branch, says it rejects the 50 per cent reduction of the levies under the recently reviewed Land Use charge

Consequently, the lawyers have threatened to go on another round of protest if nothing is done.


The NBA Chairman, Mr Adeshina Ogunlana, told a media briefing on Wednesday that the reduction “is a sham and a calculated ploy to hoodwink the people of Lagos State”.

“The rates are a fraud and farce, ” he said.

Ogunlana claimed that there was no proper evaluation of properties in the state and that property owners were unaware of it or involved in any evaluation of their properties.

“When the government says it is slashing cost, they are only deceiving people; the amounts reduced are mere fantasies of their imagination.”

He also said the NBA objected to the House of Assembly’s setting up of a committee to review the Land Use Charge 2018.

Ogunlana urged Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode to prevail on the House to call a public hearing on the proposed amendment to the legislation which must be accompanied by a draft sent to stakeholders ahead of the hearing.

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“If Ambode wants to do a thorough and clean job, he should publish the proposed amendments through the media and give no less than a month for its study by concerned bodies before the public hearing takes place.”

The NBA had on March 13, stages a protest tagged, ” Walk The Talk” which in solidarity, was supported by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), civil society bodies and professionals.
Others are the Committee for Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), Joint Action Front (JAF) and the Human and Environmental Agenda (HEDA)

The protest which lasted about three hours, was meant to kick against the Land Use Charge Law 2018, excessive litigation cost, borehole tax, car registration tax of the Lagos State Government.

Ogunlana said: “The people of Lagos are not against increase in taxation, but the Land Use Charge, high litigation cost, borehole levies and car registration law 2018; they must be repealed because they are oppressive and illegal.

“If by Thursday, March 29, the Lagos State Government fails to positively consider our position, the NBA Ikeja branch shall embark on another protest.”

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