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Despite the slowdown and challenging times which the real estate sector in Nigeria is passing through at the moment, investment analysts, players in the sector including portfolio and equity investors are agreed that of all the various investment asset class, real estate remains top in

Engineers call for integrity test on Otedola Bridge

Structural and civil engineers in the country have called for a test to be carried out on the Otedola Bridge in Lagos to ascertain the effect the recent fire incident has on it. According to the engineers, a physical examination of the bridge will show

Built environment experts lament deplorable condition of Nigerian cities

—Say over 1000 Nigerian cities are environmentally distressed Built environment experts have lamented the deplorable conditions of some Nigerian cities, saying over 1,000 of them are environmentally distressed owing to issues such as provision of inadequate infrastructure, lack of planning and disregard for environmental laws.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Solignum Wood Preservative Company, Sir Obinna Etele has reaffirmed his Company’s bond with the Abuja International Housing Show by donating a car gift for the show. The event which took place at Fesadeb communication media group today was well

Why mortgage business risks need to be insured

Like many other business enterprises, mortgage is also risky venture and the need to insure the risks associated with transactions is as important as the business itself. Get your daily housing news on your mobile phone : Download from goggle playstore Now Apart from the

Making affordable housing a reality

How Kenya can achieve the low-cost housing dream IN SUMMARY Plans are underway for the approval of idle land tax as a way of discouraging speculative land purchase. These measures undertaken by the government will provide strategically located land for the housing project. The targeted

We’ll make affordable housing available to Ondo residents, says Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (SAN) has said his administration will make housing affordable to the residents. The governor said the decision arose from his electioneering promise to make living more comfortable for the people through functional education, food for the teeming population through agribusiness

Abuja international housing show to promote made in Nigeria materials

The Convener of the forthcoming 12th edition of the Abuja International Housing Show has said that it would promote made in Nigeria building materials to boost affordable housing in the country. READ:ABUJA INTERNATIONAL HOUSING SHOW – THE LARGEST HOUSING AND CONSTRUCTION EXPO IN WEST AFRICA

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