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The Success Of Singapore’s Public Housing

Singapore is an island city-state at the tip of the Malay peninsula which is renown for its wealth, its incredibly high development ranking and for its interesting relationship with regards to public housing. For some jurisdictions around the world, the agenda of public housing has

Why skyscrapers are good for the economy

Skyscrapers are very tall buildings that define a city’s skyline. The term originates in the US in the late 1880s during the building boom in Chicago and New York. At this time, buildings that had more floors than the surrounding buildings were called skyscrapers. These days,

Important Commercial Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Commercial real estate is far more complex than residential real estate. The contracts are longer, often the price tags are higher, and included in the process are many complex terms that an ordinary person does not understand. Make sure before entering into a commercial real

Kenya: Cooperatives to Deliver 500,000 Social Housing Units

Kenya is ranked highly globally with regard to a thriving cooperative movement having an asset base of more than Sh900 billion and deposits worth over Sh600 billion. The movement has continued to grow over the years. “This gives Kenya a competitive advantage while at the

Kenya lauded for moving to make housing affordable

Kenya has been acclaimed for coming up with initiatives to meet the rising demand for houses and making them affordable. The latest plan contained in the 2018/2019 budget presented last week involves the creation of a National Housing Development Fund, which is expected to offer

Federal Mortgage Bank reduces conditions for housing loan

Nigerians above 18 with a steady pay check will now be able to access up to N5 million housing loan from the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria without equity contribution. This is one of the new conditions for accessing mortgage funds from the bank. According

Nigeria must address 17 million housing deficit urgently

The Delta State Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, has called for urgent and concerted efforts by government and private sector to address the housing deficit in the country put at 17 million houses. Okowa, who stated this on Wednesday at the unveiling of the Governance Villa

Hope Rising for Mortgage Sector

If you’re a Nigerian still agonising about owning your own house because you can’t save enough cash to buy a house and no financial institution is willing to give you a mortgage because you still cannot afford the percentage payment, I have good news for

FIRS orders banks to freeze accounts of taxpayers 

  The Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) has started writing to banks to appoint them as collection agents of taxpayers considered to be in default of tax payments. In order to achieve this, the FIRS is directing the relevant banks to freeze the accounts of

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