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End Of The Year Message From Abuja International Housing Show

As the year 2019 draws to a close, we want to give God all the glory for the wonderful relationship we have had with stakeholders, operators in the housing industry, friends and partners.

We appreciate all the stakeholders for their support towards our advocacy and all causes geared towards the provision of affordable housing in Nigeria.

In retrospect, and as we have all observed, the economic realities of the year 2019 affected the performance of the housing sector and some operators in the real estate business. This has manifested in the number of abandoned houses we see in various parts of the country. This certainly calls for some reflection.

So, as we move into 2020, we are calling on stakeholders not to relent in their strive towards a conducive housing and construction industry. We call for more investment in the real estate and mortgage sectors. We will do our best to continue to champion the advocacy by partnering stakeholders in various areas that can bring a desired housing and mortgage sector that we can all be proud of.

We should work harder to ensure a sector where Nigerian workers can have houses through affordable mortgages; where building collapse will be drastically reduced or eliminated; where corruption and selfishness will not be the order of the day. We shall work for a sector that will boast of vibrant pressure groups that can advise the government on what to do.

We call on the government to develop the political will to make our sector grow better, increase sales, create access to land, and solve the challenges of infrastructure.

We appeal to governments in all states to do more in the area of foreclosure law and access to land for developers. Governors should show more interest in home ownership for their workers and citizens.

Given the country’s challenge with high unemployment, housing development is a viable solution to closing that gap and creating a more vibrant economy. All that is needed for this to happen is for government to develop the necessary political will.

There is no better time than now to call on all government agencies in the sector to increase their performance and deliver on their mandates.

We also call on the national assembly to remove all barriers to housing development through legislative interventions.

The Federal ministry of works and housing should round up ongoing national housing programme projects which will definitely lead to increase in the housing stock in the country.

Also, the issue of demand should be critically looked into as those who need houses cannot afford them. To this end, the ministry should collaborate with important stakeholders to formulate policies that will move the sector forward.

We wish all stakeholders a great 2020 and hope to see more positive results in the year, and we hope to see you all at the 14th Abuja International Housing Show taking place from 21st to 25th march 2020.

Festus Adebayo

Experts Canvass Improved Funding For Affordable Housing

To bridge the housing deficit, some players in the sector have canvassed the need for authorities to build decent and affordable houses for the low and middle-income groups.

They say, making funds available to real estate developers and mortgage institutions to develop low-cost houses for the masses can bring a change to the industry.

They also said if that was done, it would increase activities in the Nigerian construction industry and create more employment opportunities for artisans and others affiliated to building the production process.

Making the call in Lagos during an interview with The Guardian on the sidelines of the yearly edition of affordable housing summit organized by Crystal tee square ltd, the Executive Secretary, Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria (MBAN), Mr. Kayode Omotosho said improve funding initiatives are needed for the developers and other professionals in the industry to boost the citizen’s ability to access affordable homes options.

He lamented that the majority of Nigerians currently lacked quality and affordable homes due to the fact the available homes are those developed for the high end of the market while awareness on the various platforms/windows through which low-income earners could access opportunities for funds are not made available by the major stakeholders.

He stressed that there was the need to tackle issues of high-interest rate, which he observed was a disincentive matter to Nigerians in accessing housing.

“Authority needs to tackle the issue of interest rate because it is a very sensitive matter. The operators shouldn’t be telling Nigerians stories from two-sides of the mouth and they need to agree with the Central Bank of Nigeria on the kind of moderation that should be on the interest rate.

“The operators should team up with a government that through public-private partnership and initiatives, housing could be made available”, he said.

Omotosho noted that land titles, which is in the hand of government at both the federal, and state require a multi-stakeholders -private/public sector initiative and investors friendly policy to access as a means to tackle the existing deficit in the sector.

The Managing Director, Crystal tee square ltd, Mr. Olatunde Oloyede who said the government shouldn’t hands-off its roles in housing provisions called for the right policy framework that ensure that decent housing for all is achievable.

He stressed that if Nigerians continue to depend on government for housing provision amid the age-long neglect by authorities, homeownership for an average Nigerian would continue to be impossible.

“If you look at the humongous problems in the housing sector, owning a home by Nigerians is still possible but it would take determination and by setting a target by individuals, taking action and having a strong belief that it’s achievable. The reduction of equity contribution by the government for participants in homeownership schemes to zero percent is a laudable initiative by the government.

“The impact of policy in Nigeria housing industry would be massive if it is well implemented”. If proper funding is channeled to the housing sector, it would trickle down on the numbers of artisans, electricians, bricklayers and POP experts that would benefit.”

On his part, real estate investor, Mr. Jide Ologun who spoke on, “Be your own landlord” urged the Nigerians to invest in real estate as a viable option that could generate passive income and a good long-term investment with increasing value.

“Investment in the industry can never go down to zero, even during a difficult time and unbalanced economic reality”, he said.

Source: guardianng

Leading Brands At Annual Abuja International Housing Show

Listed below in no preferential order are the leading brands at Africa’s largest housing and construction event – Abuja International Housing Show.

Government Agencies

The Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC)

The Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC) is a private sector-driven mortgage refinancing company with the public purpose of promoting home ownership for Nigerians while deepening the primary and secondary mortgage markets. Its vision is to be the dominant housing partner in Nigeria, with a mission to break down barriers to home ownership by providing liquidity, affordability, accessibility and stability to the housing market in Nigeria. NMRC raises long term funds from the capital market, to enhance access to affordable housing finance in Nigeria. NMRC was incorporated on 24th June 2013 and obtained its final operating license from the Central Bank of Nigeria on 18th February 2015. In July 2015, NMRC successfully issued a 15-year N8 billion Series 1 Bond under its N140 billion medium term Note Programme, backed by an unconditional Federal Government of Nigeria guarantee. This is being deployed to the refinancing of the mortgage portfolio of member Primary Mortgage Banks (PMBs).

Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria FMBN

Operating a viable, robust and dynamic secondary mortgage institution able to meet the challenges of developing the nation’s mortgage industry and to supply the mortgage markets with sustainable liquidity for the advancement of home ownership among Nigerians anchored on mortgage financing. As spelt out in our ENABLING ACT and other related legislations, FMBN functions include to: Provide long-term credit facilities to mortgage institutions in Nigeria. Encourage the emergence and promote the growth of viable primary and secondary mortgage institutions to service the need of housing delivery in all parts of Nigeria. Mobilizing both domestic and offshore funds into the housing sector. Link the capital market with the housing industry. Establish and operate a viable secondary mortgage market. Collect and administer the National Housing Fund in accordance with the provisions of the NHF Act. Do anything and enter into any transaction which in the opinion of the Board is necessary to ensure the proper performance of its functions under the FMBN Act.

Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board (FGSHLB)

The Federal Government Staff Housing Loans Board (FGSHLB) was created to manage a revolving housing loan funds for the purpose of granting soft loans to federal public servants to enable them build residential houses, purchase parcels of land for construction of residential houses or already built residential houses and for renovating or extending already existing residential houses.

Family Homes Funds

Family Homes Funds is a partnership between the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority as founding shareholders. The Fund is the largest affordable housing-focused fund in Sub-Sahara Africa, leveraging its significant capital (in excess of N500 billion by 2023) to facilitate access to affordable housing for millions of Nigerians on low to medium income groups. Through strategic partnerships with various players in the sector and some of the world’s main Development Finance Institutions, the Fund has an ambitious commitment to facilitate and supply 500,000 homes and 1.5million jobs for the low income earners by 2023. So far, the fund has been able to deliver mass housing for low income earners in the six geopolitical zones and in states like Nasarawa, Borno, Kaduna, Ogun, Delta and many more.

The Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC)

The Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC) is responsible for the coordination and supervision of sections of the Department. It also serves as a service unit to other departments of the AMMC in the area of Human Resources Development, Financial Management, the granting of permit for public/private development, and the monitoring/enforcement of physical development activities in line with the provision of the Abuja Master Plan and other Development Control guidelines. The AMMC provides guidelines for the improvement of the aesthetics of individual and public properties. It is involved in the planning and installation of signboards, billboards, street names, signs, house numbering, telecommunication masts and o t h e r amenities/ conveniences.

Federal Government Integrated Staff Housing (FISH)

Federal Government Integrated Staff Housing (FISH) Programme is a strategic initiative to improve the welfare of civil servants through the provision of quality and affordable homes. It was initiated by the office of the head of service of the federation in 2015 in line with the Federal Government housing policy. The programme was designed to address the acute accommodation challenges confronting federal civil servants.

Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria

Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) is a body established by the Act of the National Assembly of Nigeria in July 2010 with an intended 10 years lifespan. The concept is in consonance with the operation of the National Asset Management Agency of the Republic of Ireland and Malaysia Pengurusan Danaharta. The body acted as the buyer of banks for the Nigerian Government by acquiring the non-performing loans (NPL). The original book value of the acquired NPLs was ₦4.02trillion at a price of ₦1.76trillion with a commensurate issue of Zero Bond for the NPL acquired.

Kaduna State Mortgage and Foreclosure Authority

Kaduna state has scored a big mark in the country for establishing an agency to solve the problem of foreclosure on mortgage. It is the 1st state to domesticate the mortgage and foreclosure law in Nigeria. The domestication of the law by other states of the federation, will clearly be a turning point for the housing sector in 2019.

Lagos State Development and Property Corporation (LSDPC)

Lagos State Development and Property Corporation is a state government owned corporate entity that builds, rents and sells houses to low, medium and high income families in Lagos. Some of the structures developed by the company include: Dolphin Estate, Falomo Shopping Complex and multi-family apartments in Iba, Isolo, Abesan and Amuwo Odofin.

Ogun State Property & Investment Corporation (OPIC)

Ogun State Property & Investment Corporation (OPIC) is a statutory corporation with a focus on the development of residential, commercial and industrial real estate hubs and new cities in Nigeria. OPIC was established by Edict 10 of 1984 laws of Ogun State, Nigeria and by its mandate, it is empowered to create new towns and cities across Ogun state and beyond. Our development pipeline of finished and upcoming developments vary across locations and are designed to meet international standards. As a result of our expertise and robust balance sheet, we have built a diverse portfolio of urban developments in both the residential and commercial sectors in Lagos and Ogun states. Our services includes Development of Residential Communities, Development of Commercial and Industrial Hubs, Development of Commercial Property Assets, Mortgage Advisory/Developer Loans, Real Estate Brokerage Services, Letting and Leasing Services.

Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC)

The Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC) is a Parastatal of the Enugu State Government owned 100% by it and is established by “Enugu State Housing Development Corporation Law” Cap. 58 Laws of Enugu State Government 2004. ESHDC is one of the fully commercialized agencies of the Enugu State Government charged with the responsibility of implementing the State Government housing policy for all classes of people. However, the State Government appoints Board of Directors of the Corporation which usually consist of seasoned and accomplished professionals in the Housing, business and other related sectors of the society. The eight (8) member Board and the Management Committee of the Corporation sees to the policy formation and the day to day running of the Corporation as provided for in the Corporation’s Law, and as directed by His Excellency the Governor of the State.

Edo Development and Property Agency (EDPA)

Edo Development and Property Agency (EDPA) is an arm of the Edo State Government charged with the responsibility of meeting the housing needs in Edo State. They facilitate the construction and sales of housing projects as well as management of landed properties, shopping centres, offices and industrial buildings in residential, commercial and estates in the State.

Niger State Housing Corporation

The corporation was established by an Edicts of Niger State in 1979, the Edict is known as No. 5 of 1979 and was amended in 1989. Section 6 of the Edict provides that the Corporation shall increase the housing stock in the State so far as its resources permit for the use or acquisition by the general republic. The Corporation’s Vision is “to make the housing sector one of the top contributors to the growth of Niger State economy”. The Mission is “to provide decent and affordable houses to the generality of Nigerlites”. The Corporation’s objective is to increase housing stock in the State through Government funding and/or partnership with person’s/organization. Unless the mortgage or charge is in favor of the Corporation; m) Establish a saving scheme for the purpose of utilizing the funds for granting long term loans to the general public for the purchase and construction of house; n) Manage and control the Niger State Government Staff Housing loan scheme. The corporation shall in any case, before exercising the powers referred to in paragraph (g) of sub-section 1, obtain the approval of the Governor.

Professional Bodies, Institutions and Research Organisations

Nigeria Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers NIESV

The objectives of the Institution as provided in Chapter 1 of the Constitution of the Institution are among others to establish a high and reputable standard of professional conduct and practice in the landed profession throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria. To secure and improve the technical knowledge which constitutes land economy including Valuation or Appraisal of Real Estate and such fixtures and settings thereto including plant and machinery; Land Management and Development Investment and Town Planning and to facilitate the acquisition of such knowledge by working in close collaboration with Universities, Institutions of Higher learning and other professional bodies.

The Nigerian Institute of Building NIOB

The Nigerian Institute of Building is the professional body for Builders and those who are about to be engaged in the Building Profession. The Institute has its origin in a similar body called the “Builder’s which was formed in 1834 by a number of prominent Builder in London. The Builder’ Society later became the Institute of Building in the United Kingdom which later became The Chartered Institute of Building in 1980 and now The Institute for the Management of Construction. Nigeria became the first overseas centre of the Institute of Building in 1967. The Nigerian centre of the institute of Building became autonomous on November 5, 1970 and from then acquired the name “The Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB)” it is noteworthy that this singular achievement of the Nigeria Centre acted as catalyst for the establishment of other autonomous overseas centres of the Institute of Building (U.K) in Australia, Canada, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya, to name a few.

The Real Estate Developer’s Association of Nigeria (REDAN)

The Real Estate Developer’s Association of Nigeria (REDAN) is the principal agency of the organized private sector recognized by government and approved by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) – the apex mortgage lender in Nigeria – to facilitate the delivery of affordable mass housing for Nigerians. REDAN is the first port of call for the Federal, State and Local Governments, NGOs, and private establishments, as well as international partners and investors who wish to draw up a housing programme or participate in housing development in Nigeria.

Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria (MBAN)

Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria is the bonafide Umbrella Body for all Primary Mortgage Institutions (PMIs) duly Licenced to operate by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).The body acts as a facilitator for the co-ordination of effective Housing & Mortgage Policies that would create a conducive operating environment for Public-Private Sector Investors of Nigerian and Foreign Origins; thus propelling sustainable growth and development of a virile Mortgage Banking Sector in Nigeria.

The ability of Mortgage Banking Association of Nigeria to reposition itself in the area of vibrant advocacy, data collection, Social Media presence and the need to champion mortgage literacy is one of the key factors that will shape the performance of the Nigerian housing sector in 2019.

The Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

The Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors was founded in 1969 by a group of Nigerians who trained, qualified and practiced in the United Kingdom but who upon returning to Nigeria sensed the urgent need to develop the profession of Quantity Surveying in Nigeria by establishing a parallel body to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors of United Kingdom. The Profession of Quantity Surveying is practiced in Nigeria along the same pattern as in the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. In America, they are known as Cost Engineers. Quantity surveying is carried out in other countries under a variety of names. Thus, the role is universal.

The Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria (AHCN)

The Association of Housing Corporations of Nigeria (AHCN) is an umbrella organization for all federal and state housing agencies, housing research institutes, mortgage establishments and private property developers. The AHCN was inaugurated at Enugu on the 28th May, 1964 by the defunct four regional housing corporations and the Lagos Executive Development Board, (LEDB) (now LSDPC). Today, membership of the Association has swelled to 50 member organizations including the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN), Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and Nigerian Building & Road Research Institute (NBRRI), etc. All the 36 states Housing Agencies are members.

Africa Union for Housing Finance (AUHF)

The AUHF is an industry body that promotes the development of effective housing finance markets, and delivery of affordable housing across Africa, working in the interests of both the members and the industry as a whole. The Association comprises of 48 member institutions from different countries across the continent.

International Finance Corporation IFC

IFC, a sister organization of the World Bank and member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. The Bank Group has set two goals for the world to achieve by 2030: end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in every country. We leverage our products and services—as well as products and services of other institutions across the World Bank Group—to create markets that address the biggest development challenges of our time. We apply our financial resources, technical expertise, global experience, and innovative thinking to help our clients and partners overcome financial, operational, and other challenges.

Affordable Housing Institute AHI

AHI is an impact consultancy that specializes in affordable housing policy, finance, and development around the world. We work with pro-poor innovators to address systemic obstacles to affordable housing. Our clients include key actors in housing, such as governments, lenders, developers, development finance institutions, philanthropies, and community organizations. We contribute expert advice, capital, and research to global housing issues. Headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in Paris and Rabat, AHI has a project portfolio and associate network spanning over 50 countries worldwide.


The Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI), is responsible for researching and developing road and building materials for the Nigerian building industry. The institute engages the Government of Nigeria on various policies that regulate and improve the quality of buildings in Nigeria.

The institute has recorded some acclaimed achievements, and sticking to their mandate of researching and developing building materials for the sector, will be something to look out for in 2019.With the retirement of the versatile Prof. Matawal Danladi, whoever comes on board as the helmsman has a lot to do.

Property Development Companies and Allied Services


iBUILD is a powerful, mobile platform that closes the gap in affordable housing production by Empowering the World to Build. iBUILD is a C2C market disruption tool that connects people in need of shelter with masses of construction-related people looking for work and facilitates open access to housing support services that guide individuals through the housing (re)construction process. iBUILD creates open and fair access to meaningful work through a localized construction marketplace coupled with a transparent ecosystem of support that improves consumer access to mortgages and micro finance, construction plans and a dynamic marketplace of contractors, workers and suppliers to all; iBUILD provides a mobile wallet solution so that every individual has the power to transact and immediately improve the security and adequacy of their own shelter according to individual need.


EchoStone is an internationally recognised building construction company with proven track record of delivering works of the highest quality with efficient innovations. The company is widely acknowledged as a resolute force in Nigeria and on the continent when it comes to quality and professionalism. The Abuja International Housing Show is impressed by EchoStone’s ability to reshape and modernise building construction in Africa. EchoStone runs a housing system developed specifically to address the worldwide housing shortage. They combine best-in-class design, development, and construction elements to achieve high-quality housing standards for communities in need. EchoStone also offers governments, non-governmental organizations, and real estate developers in emerging markets greater opportunities to build high-quality housing at far greater speed and scale.

Urban Shelter

Urban Shelter Limited is a property development corporation with headquarters in Abuja Nigeria. With over 25 years of experience in integrated property development and management, the company has been driven to make itself a household name in the property industry. Urban Shelter Limited has to its advantage an immense reserve of resources and experience, which give it the ability to effectively plan, develop and manage properties for individuals, private organisations, state and federal government establishments while strategically positioning the company to consolidate its activities across Nigeria, Dubai, and the entire West African sub-region. We are a real estate investment firm positioned to deliver cutting edge and competitive real estate solutions to our valued clients We engage in real estate development, brokerage, and management. We offer good and flexible payment plans on all our products and services. Our clientele include corporate bodies, private individuals, cooperative societies, institutions and companies.

Royal Ceramics

For more than 40 years Royal ceramics aims to be different. We are constantly striving to put forth the very best product. We offer the unique European aesthetic to homeowners and developers with most of our selection imported directly from Spain and Italy. When it comes to commercial or residential projects, we’ve got you covered. Our sales team will help you use your budget efficiently to reach your design goals while providing all the technical assistance you need. Primarily, we are a distributor of ceramic and porcelain tiles but we also offer plumbing accessories, kitchen cabinets, wood flooring, kitchen countertops, and bathroom vanities.

Brains & Hammers

In just over 10 years, Brains & Hammers has become one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Nigeria with a focus on the mid luxury range. By maintaining control throughout the design and construction process, we ensure that each of our residences is built to the highest quality standards. Established in 2006, Brains and Hammers Limited has gained reputation as one of the leading real estate and infrastructure development company in Nigeria. Year after year, we continue to provide housing solutions that appeal to customers’ needs for a wide range of market segments. We boast of some of the brightest minds in the industry and ensure continuous improvement as our organizational culture, structure, and operational strategies align to support and fulfill our business objective of customer satisfaction.

AFP Furniture (Julius Berger)

AFP, the furniture production facility of Julius Berger, offers a full line of high quality furniture made in Nigeria, utilizing modern techniques and processes. Whether for a large turnkey project or a personal living space, AFP delivers customized interior design solutions for even the most challenging requirements. Julius Berger Nigeria Plc (Julius Berger) is a leading construction company offering integrated solutions and related services. Julius Berger specializes in executing complex works that require the highest level of technical expertise and Nigeria-specific knowhow.


Cosgrove Investment Limited is a real estate development and general construction company focused on offering top quality housing solutions for specific markets in Nigeria and West Africa. They focus on delivering tailored services with a level of professionalism and reliability equal to the best international developments. The Cosgrove core team consists of highly respected individuals with years of experience and a solid reputation built on professionalism, integrity, and commitment to delivering value for all stakeholders. At the heart of Cosgrove is a deep commitment to delivering a seamless and straightforward experience for each and every Cosgrove customer. We believe this is essential to positioning the Cosgrove brand as a true leader and innovator in its market segment.

Mixta Africa

Founded in April 2005, Mixta Africa is Europe’s first-mover and active player in the fast growing African Real Estate sector. With offices in Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Mauritania and projects in Algeria and Egypt, we have a mission of to create value for our clients by delivering innovative solutions. In 2015, Mixta Africa was acquired by Asset & Resource Management Company (ARM), an established asset management company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with circa US$3.5 billion under management. Mixta has more than 109 experienced professionals and subsidiaries in 6 countries. Mixta Africa has identified a new market, Ethiopia to enter in a short term. Other countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe could be tackled in a second phase in order to continue expansion and the delivery of Mixta’s Africa vision.

Shelter Afrique

Shelter Afrique is the only pan-African finance institution that exclusively supports the development of the housing and real estate sector in Africa. By meeting the needs of the continent’s rapidly growing urban population, our work has a direct and positive impact on the lives of many. A partnership of 44 African Governments, the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Africa Reinsurance Company, Shelter Afrique builds strategic partnerships and offers a host of products and related services to support the efficient delivery of affordable housing and commercial real estate. These include project finance, institutional lending, equity investments & joint ventures, trade finance, and social housing. We also offer practical advice and technical assistance to a wide range of industry stakeholders.

American Home Builders of West Africa AUHF

American Home Builders of West Africa AUHF is a different kind of homebuilder that prioritizes quality construction and exceptional service for their clients in West Africa region. For American Home Builders of West Africa, architecture isn’t only about shelter and a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think. Wherever you are – Africa, United States, Europe, or anywhere in the world – AUHF team is ready to help.


Hydraform is a proudly South African company with head office in Johannesburg and 1400m² manufacturing premises in the coastal town of Durban for ease of export. In support of our local manufacturing industry and to preserve quality and high standards of workmanship, all equipment is manufactured and tested in South Africa only. Hydraform has dedicated more than 25 years to developing our building technology (ABT). Through continuous research and development with leading institutions, Hydraform developed a stabilized soil-cement block (SSB) which is dry stacked and interlocks on 4 sides, eliminating the use of mortar in 70% of the building structure with no need for concrete or steel columns.

Delta Mega Trend Nigeria Limited

Delta Mega Trend Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 2009 as a Real Estate Development Company. It is a privately owned company which mainly specializes in the construction and sale of Modern, Smart, Digital, Sustainable Building Structures and Civil Engineering Works. A recognized member of Real Estate Development Association (REDAN, it has extensive expertise in design, building and construction of sensible life style spaces. They have delivered on numerous Jobs over the years and have a good Track Record. Their services also include Advisory and Consultancy.


The Solignum range is a high performance brand of wood treatment products. Founded on over 100 years of tradition, the quality wood preservatives, termitcides, decorative coatings and ancillary products are widely trusted by professionals around the world to protect and condition their internal and external timbers. At Solignum we work with our customer to develop solutions for their problems with regards to the protection and preserving of wood.


Lafarge Africa Plc is one of the 90 locations in which LafargeHokim is present, with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. A publicly quoted company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Lafarge Africa serves Nigeria and South Africa with a wide range of cement solutions designed to meet all building and construction needs from small projects like individual home buildings to major construction projects.

ERBIL Project Consulting Engineering Co. Ltd.

ERBIL Project Consulting Engineering Co. Ltd. became its final status when the personal company which was established by three experienced partners in 1986 was changed its caption and status in 1990. ERBIL sustained to develop the capacity of activity and profession by implementing the innovative engineering works in its growth period of more than 25 years. ERBIL applying engineering science in infrastructure projects for increasing the life standards and sustainable development conserves its position becoming a leader company with the principle of serving the superior quality of services based on the reliability and gladness of partners. The innovative, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions in national and international projects are the main idea to answer both today’s and tomorrow’s demands.


Eximia is conceived as a real estate company that will ‘lead the world through Africa’. The overall objective is to re-define the narratives by challenging the status quo and creating a unique and innovative platform to deliver real estate solutions in Nigeria and eventually Africa. This flagship brand is supported by Home4Me Nig Ltd – focused on affordable housing PPPs with the federal and state governments.

Dangote Cement

Dangote Cement Plc is a Nigerian multinational publicly traded cement manufacturer headquartered in Lagos. The company is engaged in the manufacture, preparation, import, packaging, and distribution of cement and related products in Nigeria and has plants or import terminals in 9 other African countries. Dangote Cement Plc was formerly known as Obajana Cement Plc and changed its name to Dangote Cement Plc in July 2010. Obajana Cement Plc was incorporated in 1992. Dangote Cement Plc is a subsidiary of Dangote Industries Limited and is the largest company traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Dangote Cement listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in October 2010 and as at August 13, 2014 accounts for 20% of the total market capitalization of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Aliko Dangote has invested US$6.5 billion into the company between 2007 and 2012. Cement accounted for roughly 80 percent of Dangote Group’s business as of 2011.

MBA Forex and Capital

They train people on how to trade the FOREX market successfully with 3 months course fully packaged to enhance their trading capacity. With their world class training Facilities, they offer Professional Services And Conducive Learning & Trading environment at a Very Affordable fee.


As a market leader, Nigerite offers total roofing, ceiling, walling, cladding, flooring and Integrated Building Solutions. We are the only Nigerian building manufacturing company that offers full complementary installation and maintenance services. For our company, at over fifty-nine years, we are on the upswing and we continuously improve our product offerings and building component solutions by providing world-class building materials and by ensuring best-practices in products and service deliveries to our consumers, leveraging on our leadership position and our continuous Research and Development activities around the world.


UACN Property Development Company (UPDC) operated first as a Department, then as a Division of UAC of Nigeria Plc until 1997. UPDC’s strategic thrust is the development and management of luxury, premium and classic apartments in selected cities in Nigeria. The approach to property planning, is viewed from the customer perspective, to create comfortable living/working environments.


The Housing Authority of the City of Bristol (BHA) was established in 1943 to obtain affordable housing for mid to low-income residents in Bristol, Connecticut and offer them opportunities to participate in a variety of educational and recreational activities in their communities. The agency’s mission, unlike any other Connecticut program, is to create opportunities for affordable housing in a suitable living environment and to promote self-sufficiency within our community. Strategies are continually developed to seek grants and to maintain financial stability in light of reduced federal funding to improve our housing stock and provide necessary services for our residents. To date, the agency has spent over $25 million on renovations to enhance the standard of life and to create places residents can proudly call home.

Copen Group

Copen Services Limited is a well – articulated and organised firm with diversified interests in Real Estate, Construction, Services and Consultancy. Copen Services Limited is the fruit of the desire of a number of young, honest, knowledgeable and experienced professionals, with over 20 years cognate, post – graduation / practical experience in public and private service, to pool together their resources for the service of humanity. It was incorporated in January 1992, and started full operations in July 1995. From the modest beginning as a small outfit Copen Services Limited has grown in these few years into a large Real Estate Development and multi disciplinary company. The company currently has management and senior staff strength of 20. Available to us also, is the full complement of equipment needed to perform any Building or Engineering construction work. This has positioned the company to undertake projects of diverse nature and complexity.

Eko Atlantic

Eko Atlantic is a marvel of modern engineering and technology, and a testament to the rise of Nigeria on the world stage. Eko Atlantic has helped propel Nigeria into a position of leadership in the economy of West Africa. The progress of Eko Atlantic, will no doubt shape the housing sector discourse in 2019.

Millard Fuller

Millard Fuller is a faith-driven organization which promotes collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals & organizations in an unrelenting quest to provide on a sustainable basis affordable housing for all people in need; at Millard Fuller,they do not just build houses, they build homes and communities.Their mission is to provide, affordable housing for all people in need by promoting collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals & organizations.

Wiser Estate

Incorporated with CAC in 2012, RC No 1066049, Wiser Estates and Investments Ltd. is one of the fastest growing and market movers in Nigeria’s estates development industry. We are developers of WISER ESTATES, an acronym that symbolizes the corporate nomenclature. Our primary aim is to provide Affordable Luxury Homes to our numerous valued and esteemed clients in Nigeria and the diaspora by acquiring suitable lands, designing and building aesthetic and functional houses. Our credo is “VEL PRIMUS, VEL COMPRIMUS”- Be the best or always be with the best is a testimony of our products and services and quest/thirst to maintain and sustain international best practices and standards in the industry. Thus, we attach high premium to building laws, rules and regulations, specification and details. Our professional TEAM resilience and commitment to work, assures our client of the three (3) estate Construction Rights.

IFC Edge Building

An innovation of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, EDGE makes it faster, easier and more affordable than ever before to build and brand green. EDGE reveals the systems and solutions that work best for your climate, bringing international cachet to your certified project without losing the local context. Meet the growing expectations of your customers by creating value and positively impacting their lives, resulting in greater profitability and a healthier environment for all. Through bringing together those who design, develop, finance, incentivize, and live and work in green buildings, EDGE unlocks collaboration and provides a new paradigm for the future. Together we can create green buildings for a smarter world.

Big Homes

Big Homes Ltd is one of the fastest growing real estate in Abuja, Nigeria. The Big Homes brand is poised to reinvent the real estate market through its affordable, luxury mini estates. Big Homes is focused on business priorities; affordability, exclusivity, luxury, flexibility and quick delivery. These priorities helps us achieve our vision of attaining sustainable growth, value creation and customer satisfaction. Our core focus is customer satisfaction, in attaining this, all Big Homes projects are imbedded with the following features; Timely Delivery within 6 to 12 months. Flexible payment plan, Requisite infrastructure

Norton Industries Limited

Offering a diverse portfolio of finely crafted wood ceiling and wall designs, Norton joins CertainTeed’s architectural specialty ceilings portfolio along with Decoustics and Hunter Douglas Ceilings & Walls. Norton Industries manufacturer of architectural ceiling products. We pride ourselves as being the oldest leading manufacturer of commercial architectural wood ceiling and wood wall systems in the USA. We started out in 1967 and continue to lead the industry today. Fresh ideas and innovations, such as our patented Twist Clip (US Patent #8,549,810), have always been a part of the Norton Industries philosophy. Our unparalleled staff of dedicated architects, project managers and ceiling engineers seamlessly manage the complex details of every project to ensure the most efficient and smooth installation, from the project’s inception to its completion.


A fast growing company in the aluminium industry in Nigeria. The company was incorporated in 2005 as a limited liability company under the company and allied matters act 1990. Specializes in the fabrication of aluminium and stainless door, composite panels for wall cladding, laminated anti-vandal glass, steel windows, roofs and doors.


Eisenkraft metal bending tools do not require any electrical power and handling tools do not need any professional knowledge. All operations such as cutting, punching, riveting, angle bending, scroll forming or bar twisting can be achieved through a perfect combination of muscle and lever power manufacturing railings, gates, balustrades, wrought iron furniture, home interior decoration, construction and maintenance work using their tools.

Piccadilly paints

Piccadilly paints is a trademark of the streamline properties limited, all under the auspices of streamline group of companies. Piccadilly paints was borne out the need to provide clients and customers the best quality paints in Nigeria and around the globe.

Octo5 estates limited

Established in 1997 to develop and implement innovative property and construction solutions that are tailor made to suit the need of Nigerians.

Efab Properties Limited

Efab Properties Limited is a foremost Estate Developer with its base in Abuja and have extended services to various states within the country, e.g Delta State and Anambra State to mention a few. Our focus is promoting “A family, A roof” over the thirty six (36) states of the country. Paramount in our mind at Efab is an intense desire to reach out with the totality of our know-how in real estate and solve the housing needs of all classes of Nigerians in a responsible manner, befitting a responsible entity.

Berger Paints Nigeria Plc

Berger Paints Nigeria Plc, which commenced operation in Nigeria on the 9 January, 1959 with registration number RC.1837 has grown to be a leader in the Coating and Allied Industry in Nigeria – a legacy inherited from Lewis Berger, the German colour chemist who founded the Berger Paints’ dynasty in London, in 1760. The company has a reputation for being the first in setting standards in the paint industry in Nigeria, evidenced by its scorecard as presented. It has pioneered a wide range of specialty products that are much sought after in this dynamic and ever-changing market. Operating in 5 business segments Decorative/Architectural finishes, Industrial coatings, Marine & Protecton coatings, Automotive/Vehicle refinishes, Wood Finishing and Preservers, with a manufacturing plant and main distribution centre in Lagos.

Solartime Electric Limited

Solartime Electric Limited is a Nigerian engineering company in the business of design, installation and maintenance of renewable electric energy systems. We are the Nigerian Dealer/Authorised Service Centre for Schneider Electric (Renewables) France, a world leader in the manufacture of domestic and medium range inverters and power electronics systems and also the Dealer and Authorized Service Centre in West Africa for XZERES Wind Corp (XZERES) Oregon USA (www.xzeres.com), a world leaders in the small & medium wind industry.

Realty Point Limited

Realty Point Limited (RC 621592) is a dynamic multifaceted Pan-African real estate going concern primarily involved on the supply side of the industry with strong presence in REAL ESTATE Development, Investment, Publishing, Training / Consultancy and Marketing Syndications.


ONDUVILLA is a unique roofing solution with a very aesthetic traditional clay tiles look. Perfectly waterproof, this system requires no additional protection underlay. ONDUVILLA is light and easy to install. It provides a very elegant appearance to all types of roofs. Onduvilla tile is eco- friendly as it is made from recycled materials. It forms a desirable, durable and lightweight roof covering that can be laid on a roof decking or close boarding.

CDK Integrated Industry Limited

CDK Integrated Industry Limited is a leading high-end porcelain tile and sanitary ware manufacturer in Nigeria. The Company has adopted the latest generation technology in its new factory commissioned in 2016. The tiles plant produces matt glazed and glazed polished tiles in 60x60cm, 30x60cm, 40x40cm, 45x90cm and 60x120cm sizes to European and International Standards, with stringent tests and quality control procedures conducted at every stage of the manufacturing process. CDK has one of the highest performing kilns in Africa, equipped with all the latest heat recovery technology as well as an SPR system designed to boost energy savings and efficiency.

Plus World Roofing

We are plus world roofing specialist roof engineers and contractor. We specialize in roof designs, construction and installation. Roof restoration-maintenance, waterproofing and roof consultancy services. We have the sole right for the distribution and application of NUTECH roof coating from Australia in Restoring faded roofs and HYDRO SEAL waterproofing compound from USA in Nigeria and in Africa at large. We are the award winner for the best roofing company innovation 2014 by Nigerian urban development awards.


C-STEMP is a special purpose company registered by guarantee. It started out as a project offering an accelerated skills development program to prepare eligible beneficiaries for employment as artisans in the construction industry. The initial objective was to break the paradox of high unemployment and poverty in the midst of severe shortage of skilled manpower in the construction industry which has constrained it from meeting its objectives.

Wallpaper World

Sales, distribution and installation of wall coverings like 3D Boards, Walppapers, Photo Murals. Unique and affordable. Best brands from UK, Germany, Turkey.

SPS Piping Systems

SPS Piping systems is a global leading piping system supplier in residential and commercial building industry, as well as a prominent supplier in the field of indoor temperature control. Products include water supply, drainage, and heating, gas, casing, solar and sanitary. They have over 20 years’ experience in developing and producing plastic pipes, fittings and systems.

Peachville Platinum

Peachville Platinum is a growing, full-scale Nigerian real estate Development and Management Company, aiming directly at the mid to best-in-class luxury market. It also provides real estate consultancy services.

H & H Windows and Doors Inc.

HH Windows & Doors manufactures European-style windows and doors including Passive House, Tilt & Turn, and more for residential and commercial projects across the United States and Canada. Due to state of the art European window manufacturing equipment and a core of skilled craftsmen, HH Windows & Doors excels in offering windows and doors with consistent high quality, short lead times, all at a reasonable price. We work closely with architects, contractors, and homeowners and welcome custom projects

Bstan group

Bstan homes and properties limited, a subsidiary of Bstan group is a premier real estate company and housing solutions provider; offering innovative an cutting edge services in property development, facility management and real estate investment advisory.

Haven Homes

Haven Homes is owned by Nigerian professionals who were originally based in the United Kingdom and have seen the need to build homes in Nigeria with ultra perfect finishes and regal fittings that can only provide a truly unique and comfortable haven. We develop properties in prime locations and in many ways that reflect taste and luxury. Our focus is to build homes that place emphasis on modern and contemporary architecture in a style that meets both the living space and luxury requirements of our customers. Our major strength is in producing architectural designs that maximize use of space while incorporating maximum natural daylight. This is achieved by designing homes with double volume ceilings, mezzanine door levels, incorporating bridges and atriums.

Rural Homes Limited

Rural Homes Limited is an incorporated property development arm specialized in private, public and commercial projects. We are particularly focused on property improvements and development of private residences, housing estates, commercial structures and infrastructures. Rural Homes has developed a strong network in the construction sector and majority of our projects stem from built relationships with past and existing clients. Emphasis on defined construction quality tests and observing processes has permitted Rural Homes to successfully meet set demands of our clients, due to our technical competence, budgetary discipline and resourceful but time conscious project.

FlowGuard CPVC Pipes and Fittings are the ideal choice for your hot and cold water plumbing solutions. FlowGuard CPVC compound was invented and is manufactured by Lubrizol Advanced materials, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Processors around the world turn Lubrizol’s CPVC compounds into pipes and settings of the highest quality, backed up unmatched R&D and the most stringent quality controls.

Fa’al property investment

A multidimensional property investment company with interest and operations in real estate construction and development across Nigeria.

Weatherguard Nigeria Limited

Weatherguard Nigeria Limited is one of the country’s leading designer, distributor, fabricator and installer of quality canopy structures. Our goal is to offer you the best price, per-squaremeter, on installed canopies, carports, awnings, all-weather shelters for homes, schools and businesses throughout Nigeria. As a nationwide supplier, we have dedicated installation teams that can be deployed anywhere in Nigeria.

Window Story

Window Story is a home furnishing store specialising in soft furnishings. They provide off-the-rack and personalised solutions.

Citec International Estates

Incorporated as a limited liability company in the year 2001, Citec International Estates Limited began work at the Mbora district of Abuja in 2001 having secured the understanding and approval of the Federal Government to deliver houses for low income earners at its Mount Pleasant Estate on about 230 hectares of land provided by the Federal Government. Today, the estate boasts of the best infrastructure by any estate developer in the FCT.

NetConstruct Nigeria Limited

NetConstruct Nigeria Limited’s mission is to efficiently deliver and maintain quality living spaces for their clients. Their vision is to become the foremost one stop real estate developer in Africa.

GVE Projects Limited

GVE Projects Limited is the foremost and most innovative renewal energy solutions provider in West Africa.


Formul, established in 1990 is located in Instanbul Turkey are the major manufacturer and exporter of PP-R and PE-X systems and the brass inserts for the fittings for cold and hot water supply system.

Nedcom Oaks/Victoria Gardens

Driven by the need to contribute His quota towards filling the housing deficit in Nigeria, Mr Kennedy Okonkwo founded Nedcomoaks Ltd. “Dr Ned” as He’s fondly called, is a highly motivated and successful entrepreneur with a passion for real estate. As the head of a leading property development and management company in West Africa, it is expected that he will continue to drive innovations in the business of providing affordable housing solutions that exceeds customer expectations in 2019.

Constrix Real Estate

Constrix Real Estate Development Limited was recognized as the fastest growing real estate company of the year in Nigeria. At the Nigeria Housing Awards 2018. The Nura Dan Musa, led property firm plans in the short term to expand to every nook and corner of the country. This company will be one to shape things in the housing sector in 2019.

Country Wide Housing Company

CHC is a Property and Development Company promoted by institutional investors and prominent individuals with a core mission to provide affordable housing and real estate investment opportunities to all Nigerians. A member of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN). The company provides creative housing solutions for Upper Middle class citizens nationwide using various models that will deliver affordable housing to its target market. CHC seeks out investment property with latent value, and makes it available for its wide customer base. The company prides itself with the ability to make real estate investment affordable.


Founded in 1975, Broll Property Group is one of Africa’s leading commercial property services company with offices in major cities. The company is affiliated to CBRE, a renowned global commercial real estate and investment firm which enables us to offer unrivalled local expertise and global market knowledge with the sole purpose of maximising the potential of your property


Paradise Estate is a unique and private enclave set in the Life camp neighborhood of Abuja, one of Nigeria most fascinating cities. The estate offers uniquely impressively houses such as 2 and 3 Bedroom apartments, Terrace Duplexes, Semi-Detached and Fully Detached Duplexes, which exude uncompromising quality and style. Overtime, the company has grown from strength to strength, having successfully undertaken over 25 projects in Abuja alone since it commenced business in 2014. We aim to develop and orientate buildings towards structural integrity and productivity and to be of value to the client, their immediate society and the world at large.

Uraga Real Estate

Uraga Real Estate was created in November 2008 to consolidate the real estate activities of the Honeywell Group into new company with a renewed focus and strategy. The two main business units integrated into this new company are Skyview Estates Limited, a specialist developer and property/ facilities Management Company and the development team from Anchorage Leisure, the hospitality vehicle constructing the flagship 5 Star Radisson SAS Hotel in Victoria Island.


ADRON Homes is a Real Estate and Property Development Company whose purpose is to help people realize their aspirations for the pride of ownership, comfort, security and wealth through the provision of excellent homes and the will to provide homes for all classes of society with focus on the neglected populace in respect to government housing programs. They have housing projects in Lagos, Abuja,Ogun and Oyo states.


Furniture Republic is a fast emerging importer and retailer of high end furniture at reasonable price. We offer functional products for all rooms in the house at the right price without compromising the quality, design and workmanship of each piece.

Cutix Plc

Cutix Plc is a renowned Manufacturer and Supplier of House Wiring Cables, All Aluminium Conductors (AAC), Copper Conductors, Aluminium Service Cables, Automotive Cables, Appliance Cables and Low Voltage Power Cables.


Kabba Celik Kapi (KABBA Steel doors) targets to create a large community consisting of employees finding the least common denominator for the company and customer goals and creating added value for the company through their efforts and to make this target sustainable.


With over 30,000 square meters of 72 different stone colours stocked in Nigeria and over 300 stone colours available from our partners within 90 days, BLUESTAR offers customers the widest possible range of natural stone and engineered quartz in the whole of West Africa.


Chemical and Allied Products Plc, a subsidiary of UAC of Nigeria Plc, is the technological licensee of Akzo Nobel for Nigeria; (ICI was acquired in 2008 by Akzo Nobel, the world’s largest paint producer). Today, CAP Plc fully operate in the coating business and fully provides a wide range of quality products and services, and it brand have become household names.


With 203 sales outlets in Italy, Eastern Europe and ‘Western Africa, 2400 staff, a catalogue of 800,000 articles, three centralised logistics platforms, the Cambielli Edilfriuli Group is Italy’s largest plumbing and heating suppliers.


For over a decade Zobis cables consistently offers high quality electrical wires and cables range of products. Zobis superior product performance, backed by an extensive range of value added services provide a leading edge within every cable series and for every application.


DANGOTE GROUP is one of the most diversified business conglomerates in Africa with a hard earned reputation for excellent business practices and products’ quality with its operational headquarters in the bustling metropolis of Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa. The Group’s activities encompass Cement – Manufacturing, Packing & Distribution

IL Bagno

IL Bagno is the regional distributor for the world’s leading manufacturers of sanitary fittings, kitchen, tiles, doors and other interior solutions. We excel in the provision of total bathroom solutions, creating unique and innovative bathroom themes for both the domestic and commercial markets.

Emel Building Materials

Emel Building Materials is a one-stop-shop building materials solution provider, offering a wide array of high quality, competitively priced products for interiors and exteriors including roofing, ceilings, doors, glass and wood products.

M.N. Ataj Construction

M.N. ATAJ CONSTRUCTION LTD is a Civil Engineering and Construction Company, which conforms to high professional standards. The main aim is to provide a truly comprehensive construction analysis that meet with the need of today’s construction industries. Over the years, the company has executed many projects in partnership with various Government institutions such as the Bwari Area Council (BAC), Abuja Market Management Limited (AMML), and Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). M. N. Ataj Construction is currently engaged in many projects across Nigeria like Utako Ultra-Modern Market, Kubwa Modern Market, Kubwa Maitama Market, Garki Modern Market, Sabon Gari Market Zaria, Dalar Gyada Market Kano and many others.


At Voda paints we believe in utilizing technology to make things simple and easy to use. We also believe in thinking ahead and delivering products or services that can fit well with upcoming future technologies.

Jedo Investment Company

Jedo Investment Company Limited. It is a wholly indigenous, professionally oriented firm, with, with a focus on Engineering, construction, Installation and Procurement Services.

Rifeng company

Rifeng company is a global lead-ing piping system supplier in residential and commercial building industry, as well as a prominent suppliers in the field of indoor temperature controls. Products includes, water supply, drainage, heating, gas, casing, solar and sanitary. Rifeng products mainly contains pipes, fittings, the pipping system includes PPR pipping system, multi-layers piping system, PVC piping system, PERT pipping system and PEX-b heating system.

Fujian Stone Company Limited

Fujian Stone Company Limited was established in October, 2014. The company is specialized in marble and granite mining as well as construction slabs production, serving the market demand of West Africa, Africa and international countries and regions. Presently, the company owns 6 marble and granite mines and two stone slabs production factory. Our factories and mines occupy 3000 acres, which are located in several states in Nigeria and all of them have obtained mining and quarry licence.

Flexi Clay

Flexi clay modified clay material is a new revolutionary building material after ceramic, porcelain and granite. It is a modified soil made and bonded together using only low heat temperature in its manufacturing process.


Abuja Property Development Company,is a credible real estate development company that has delivered,quality houses in FCT, and is fully supported by the FCTA. The board which contain many professionals,will surely contribute to the achievement of the real estate company in 2019.

Elinuol Paints

Providing paints for Nigeria’s building needs, Elinuol and Company Nigeria Limited is a major manufacturer of paints and corrosion control products in Nigeria. Fully incorporated in Nigeria in 1985. The company is engaged in the production of paints and corrosion control products. The company commenced full industrial production of paints in 2000 at the incubator center of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. The company has concluded arrangement for expansion that will move it to its permanent site and has been modernizing its production equipment. The company which started from a one site factory now has developed its markets within three geo-political regions of Nigeria.

Interrand Group

Interrand Group is a reliable company in the execution of civil, building, electrical and mechanical engineering projects for government and private sectors. Major stakes includes building construction, housing/estate development, drilling of boreholes, general renovation works, pilling and steel reinforcement compactions, raft foundation construction etc.


Kansai Plascon was formed out of a merger from Kansai and Plascon paint. It is one of the top 10 global paint companies with over 55 operations worldwide. Plascon paint has over the years grown to become the leading paint company in Africa. Their products are produced using the best pigments and mixed to the highest standard for consistency, quality and long lasting finish.


Silkcoat Paints is the leading company of Colakoglu group ,a conglomerate founded in 1963 in Bachelievler Istanbul . The company has been growing steadily in the construction sector for more than half a century focusing on professional approach, innovative designs and production of high quality products to ensure customer satisfaction. SILKCOAT paint provides unique products to protect and beautify your homes, In addition to this, competitive price, amazing technical support, exceptional customer service, and state of the art color matching are some of the perks you will get when you choose Silkcoat.

Sweet home Bathrooms

Sweet home Bathrooms is a distribution company of various Sweethome brands. Our company like everything in life started small and with perseverance, focus and discipline showed by our chairman, grew over the years, to become the most widely recognized brand in Nigeria. Our goal is to create work that is pure class. Solutions that are magnificent and inspirational. Creativity that is conceptually interesting and visually stunning. We don’t just make homes; we make them sweet!

Prime Properties

Prime Properties was incorporated in 1993 to carry on the business of property development in Nigeria and the FCT in particular. Since its creation, PPPCL has engaged in the development of private residential homes as well as residential estates within Abuja and some other parts of the country.

Post Service Housing Development Limited (PHD)

It is one of Nigeria’s leading super brand in real estate development with over 13 estates across 15 states in the country. The company metamorphosed from the post service housing directorate in the Army headquarters department of Army Administration in 1996 to drive the Nigerian Army Housing Scheme. It was founded to provide retirement homes for serving Nigerian army personnel and to also reintegrate the retirees back into the society.

Maldini Marbles limited

Maldini granites and marble imports limited was established in 1979. The company has grown to become Nigeria’s largest stocker of stones, granites and marble slabs, tiles etc., while offering other finishing products such as ceramic, vitrified and mosaic tiles, marble furniture and tombstones.

Primary Mortgage Institutions

Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank

For over a decade, the registered trademark – Infinity Homes – has remained a true reflection of unalloyed commitment towards providing Nigerians with endless opportunities through affordable home ownership. Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank offers different types of mortgage products with flexible terms. These products, which are specially designed to meet the need of their customers have greatly led to the provision of affordable homes to many.

First Generation Mortgage Bank [FGMB]

First Generation Mortgage Bank [FGMB] Limited is a Primary Mortgage Institution incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission in 1992 (No. 207155) and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 1989 to carry out mortgage banking in Nigeria. It originally existed as Perennial Savings and Loans Ltd and was changed to First Generation Homes (Savings and Loans) Ltd. in 2004. The name of the Bank was further changed to First Generation Mortgage Bank Ltd in 2012 in line with changing trends.

TrustBond Mortgage Bank Plc

TrustBond Mortgage Bank Plc continually challenges itself with a customer centric standard of quality delivery, their strength lies in their tenacity to deliver on promises.

Platinum Mortgage Bank Ltd

Platinum Mortgage Bank Ltd is one of Nigeria’s leading primary Mortgage Institutions. It was incorporated in 1992 with the Corporate Affairs Commission to provide savings, loans and homes ownership services, and licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria under the CBN Decree 24 of 1991 and FMBN Decree No. 53 of 1989 respectively to provide Mortgage Banking Services in Nigeria.

13th AIHS: How To Attract Foreign Capital for Housing Finance in Nigeria – Sade Hughes

Speaking at the 13th Abuja International Housing Show that held from 23rd to 26th July 2019, Sade Hughes of Mixta Africa said that while access to housing is an unprecedented global challenge growing fast with rapid urbanisation, the housing problem is more pronounced in emerging markets across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

According to her, the biggest challenges faced by emerging markets like that of Nigeria are fragmentation and inability to meet unprecedented volumes of housing deficit; Inability to align stakeholders and catalyse grassroots impact; challenges in making the economics work, and in a number of cases, housing initiatives are driven by governments who face enormous treasury challenges.

Foreign Direct investments, as important as they are, she said, are attracted more by regions where domestic capital is already being applied to unbridle the potential in these economies.

“In addition to strong economic fundamentals, local capital is required to de-risk opportunities and prove their viability to international investors

“The application of local capital ahead of FDI plays an important role for the sustained growth of local enterprise in an economy,” she said.

According to her, transforming the huge need into bankable opportunity will require public and private sector involvement

“FDI has to be deployed in key areas of the value chain to have the most impact in order to stimulate home production and ownership.

“Foreign capital when applied appropriately can improve an economy’s capacity to create affordable mortgages.

“The creation of mortgages has a huge multiplier effect in stimulating the production of lower middle income and affordable housing because it gives investors a clear exit path.

“Foreign capital is better attracted to opportunities where local capital (public or private sector) has been used to de-risk them.

“Macro economic policy that support liberalisation play an important role in attracting foreign capital inflows,” she said.

By Ojonugwa Felix Ugboja

Multi-Level Action to Bridge the Gap in Affordable Housing

Highlights from the International Social Housing Festival high-level policy roundtable

Housing Europe joined forces with the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the European Committee of the Regions and the Metropolitan Region of Lyon for a high-level Roundtable discussion as part of the 2nd International Social Housing Festival.

Building on the efforts of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe which endorsed in 2015 the Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing, the Action Plan of the Housing Partnership under the Urban Agenda for the European Union, the ‘State of Housing in the EU’ Report, Housing Europe and the CoR own-initiative report ‘Towards a European Agenda on Housing’ the event brought together senior officials responsible for housing and urban affairs, representatives of local authorities and housing providers, experts and representatives of international organisations to discuss and exchange experiences on how to move forward in bridging the gap in affordable housing.

In reaction to this shift at EU level and to take stock of the growing amount of evidence and reports from the Eurostat, OECD & The World Bank, Housing Europe has joined with the UNECE Housing and Land Management Committee to launch an Affordability Outlook to run for one year. As well as taking stock of growing global consensus on the need for a change in direction on housing, the Outlook will work to channel the expertise and experience on housing systems, to guide on the best ways the European Commission can indeed ensure functioning housing markets and adequate provision of social housing.

Housing Europe President, Cédric van Styvendael opened the event calling for a new alliance at all political levels in support of affordable housing along the lines of the ‘Lyon Commitment’, inviting all 250 participants to sign it.

Elena Szolgayova, Chair of UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management, UNECE and Director General, Ministry of Transport and Construction of Slovakiapresented the new global policy context around housing including the SDGs, the Urban Agenda for the EU and the UNECE Charter of Sustainable Housing. Elena stressed the importance of connecting all these pieces of the puzzle to effectively address the housing challenge.

Christophe Lalande, Leader of the Housing Unit at the Housing and Slum Upgrading Branch of UN Habitat underlined that the starting point for tackling the housing crisis must be realising & protecting the right to housing.

Hicham Imane, Member of the European Committee of the Regions and Rapporteur of the CoR Opinion ‘Towards a European Agenda for Housing’ said that it is crucial in the next legislative term to put an Action Plan for Affordable Housing, as presented by the S & D Candidate for the Commission Presidency, Frans Timmermans at the core of the EU work.

The first session was dedicated to experiences in providing affordable housing with a low environmental impact, discussing interlinkages between housing affordability and environmental sustainability.

Maja-Marija Nahod, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning of Croatia showcased a really diverse set of actions with some rather encouraging results in the country’s building stock. EurActiv wrote about the Energy Renovation programmes of the Croatian government that ‘they can teach us as much as their football’.

Stimulating investment in new construction, safeguarding affordability and reducing the construction costs were the main pillars of Germany’s strategy for housing en route to its EU Presidency as presented by Jens Schumacher of the German Permanent Representation in Brussels.

In the discussion that followed, Mårten Lilja, Vice-Chairman of Rijkbyggen in Sweden and Member of the Housing Europe Boardstressed that the next step for the sector, moving forward from Zero Emission Buildings towards Zero Emission Neighborhoods requires new ways of cooperation between actors in neighborhoods.

Marnix Norder, Chairman of Aedes- the Federation of Dutch Social Housing Associations- and a Member of the Housing Europe Boardgave a brief overview of the Dutch sector’s strategy to be carbon neutral by 2050 and discussed the needs in terms of policy at international level to achieve a fair, green energy transition. “Is it more important to have a circulair or smart building or to reduce CO2 emissions? We have to chose and we, as Aedes, chose to focus on CO2 emissions.”, said Mr. Norder.

Reinhard Six, Senior Engineer at the Energy Efficiency Division of the European Investment Bank gave a number of examples of projects the Bank has supported in the wider affordable housing sector, including Retrofitted housing with additional new construction including space for community/social activities in Hamburg and the thermal rehabilitation of 270 buildings in Romania in Bucharest S6 district. He also explained the added value of the ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance) in Project development support for energy efficiency in buildings. You may read here the successful case of our Flemish member, VVH with their Aster project.


The afternoon session focused on ‘Housing as a Service in Welfare 2.0’ with representatives from Spain, the Czech Republic and Albania sharing their quite different national experiences.

Doris Andoni, Director of Housing Policy at the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Albania took participants to a journey through the different stages of the country’s housing policy, providing insights related to the characteristics of the housing stock, the demographic dynamics and the situation in the free market. Albania is now trying to fill the affordability gap through housing programs that address different housing situations and income levels ranging from temporary shelters for homeless and emergent cases, to specialized houses for elderly, differently able people, victims of domestic violence, children that need a special protection, etc. and from improvement of existing houses for poor and vulnerable groups to Social or Public Housing.

Daniela Grabmüllerová, Director of International Relations Department at the Ministry of Regional Development in the Czech Republic showcased the key success factors in the country’s housing policy, including cooperation of governments at all levels, having rental housing as a key tool at supply side of the housing market, keeping a special focus on socially disadvantaged groups while looking for new models – e.g. Community housing, social mix in residential buildings.

Javier Martin, Secretary General Director for Architecture, Housing and Urban Policy at the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Housing gave an overview of their Action Plan to increase the supply of affordable housing for rent, to give response to the growing demand in some territorial areas using tools such as Public-Private Partnerships, State Aids more focused in target households, reforming the regulation on contracts and reinforcing the Housing and Land Observatory. Mr. Martin concluded saying that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has been the driving force behind the Spanish Urban Agenda.

In the discussion that followed, Willem Adema of the Labour and Social Affairs Unit of the OECD said that support to home owners still prevails over support to (social) tenants across OECD countries, highlighting the need for more balanced policy approach.

Jaana Närö, Chairperson of KOVA, the Finnish Social Housing Federation- a member of Housing Europe- made it clear that in her view one needs to address the housing question before dealing with any other social issue. This is also the secret behind the Finnish success story, the stability of housing solutions. Jaana invited everyone to Helsinki in 2021 to draw inspiration during the 3rd International Social Housing Festival. You may already get a taste watching this video.

Housing Europe Board Member and Chair of our Flemish member, VVH, Bjorn Mallants underlined that the social housing sector must be careful not to get drawn into an overly financial view of its value. Need to put people at the centre and work in partnership for them, giving example of work with the homeless sector.

In the closing session, Kerstin Jorna, Deputy Director General, of the European Commission Directorate General for Financial Affairs (ECFIN) started by saying that housing is key for the overall wellbeing and this is why the Commission has put it high on the European Pillar of Social Rights. Acknowledging that Member States and local authorities cannot solve the housing crisis alone, Mrs. Jorna shared that the Commission will be taking more initiatives in the near future, announcing the establishment of an interservice group dealing with housing that will connect all policies on housing within the European Commission.

Last but not least, Michaela Kauer from the City of Vienna delivered a quick overview of the EU Urban Agenda Housing Partnership Action Plan sharing also her experience as Co-Coordinator.

In her sum-up Sorcha Edwards, Housing Europe’s Secretary General welcomed the positive signals announced by Deputy Director General, of the European Commission Directorate General for Financial Affairs and referring also back to the recent Summit of EU Member States held in Sibiu, Romania where the Commission’s contribution to the summit states ‘We need to support access to quality, energy-efficient affordable housing for all in Europe, supporting Member States to ensure functioning housing markets and adequate provision of social housing.’ (Source: European Commission (2019), Europe in May 2019:  Preparing for a more united, stronger and more democratic Union in an increasingly uncertain world.

In reaction to this shift at EU level and to take stock of the growing amount of evidence and reports from the Eurostat, OECD & The World Bank, Housing Europe has joined with the UNECE Housing and Land Management Committee to launch an Affordability Outlook to run for one year. As well as taking stock of growing global consensus on the need for a change in direction on housing, the Outlook will work to channel the expertise and experience on housing systems, to guide on the best ways the European Commission can indeed ensure functioning housing markets and adequate provision of social housing. The Outlook will be co-chaired by David Orr and Elena Szolgayova.

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13th AIHS: Prof Inyangete Charge Built-Environment on Financing Sustainable Buildings

While speaking at the 13th Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) which held from 23rd to 26th July 2019 in Abuja, Professor Charles Inyangete, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Innovative Risk & Investment Solutions (IRIS) Limited, charged stakeholders in the built-environment to finance sustainable buildings in order to grapple with the present and imminent challenges of climate change.

While delivering a paper titled, ‘Financing Sustainable Buildings:  Impact of Built Environment on Climate Change,’ Inyangete said that climate action offers a major opportunity to ensure sustainable global development and boost economic growth. According to him, it is already delivering real results in terms of new jobs, economic savings, competitiveness and market opportunities, and improved wellbeing for people worldwide with even greater investment, innovation, and growth potential ahead.

He said that population growth and urbanization, especially in Africa and Asia, are putting pressure on housing delivery systems, which are often informal or rely on the state. By 2030 Africa, he said, will have more than 50 percent of its population living in cities.

‘’Where formal housing can’t be supplied, informal housing quickly fills the gaps and slums proliferate, creating new development challenges.

‘’While developing countries have made great progress in improving the framework for housing and housing finance, a significant gap remains to access to affordable housing.

‘’Green buildings represent the low hanging fruits in fighting energy crises. One of the cheapest way of cutting GHG emission is to make buildings more energy efficient with low ecological footprint. This is done through retrofitting existing buildings and planning and design of green buildings.

‘’It is estimated that, by adopting green building practices, the world will reduce an estimated 30 % of the global energy demand by 2030.

‘’Green buildings are not rocket science: we find passive architectural elements in vernacular architecture and in most ancient buildings. These buildings rely mostly on passive/natural means for cooling, heating and lighting.

‘’Green buildings are designed to reduce the demand for resources such as: energy, water, land etc. They are also designed to generate much of the energy they consume, using alternative sources of energy such as solar and wind. Excess energy is feed into the national/local electric grid.’’

Sustainability, according to him is development that meets the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This sustainability, he said, is based upon three components: economic growth, social progress and environmental protection.

Speaking further, he said. ‘’Over 50% of Nigerians already live in cities, 34% below the poverty line and 68% below the empowerment line.

‘’By 2050 Nigeria will be home to 295m people, equivalent to half Europe’s urban population, and only just falling short of U.S. figures. This momentous shift which will bring nearly 200m new people into cities, create over 20 new middle-tier cities, and ensuring Lagos will rival Beijing, Mexico City and Sao Paolo in size.

‘’With cities accounting for est. 75% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, and 53% highly vulnerable to serious and near-term climate change effects,

‘’Nigeria’s cities will be a vital nexus for mitigation and adaptation initiatives. Not only this, but as the country is yet to build the majority of its urban infrastructure, it has the opportunity to leapfrog developed nations by adopting clean technologies and economic strategies early.

“When we have more efficient buildings, we will have less demand on power. Green building is the best way forward. It is a good thing that we now have certification for IFC Edge for green building. We need to encourage regreening in the environment. We need to build the capabilities of our financing and investors to be able to manage climate change risks.”

“We need to collect data because what gets collected is what gets managed. Town planners need to consider the environment while planning. In 2016, Nigeria incurred N351 billion cost for gas flaring,’’ he said.

With a memorable quip, he said, “climate change is not the biggest issue of our time, it is the only issue.”

By Ojonugwa Felix Ugboja

Bhaskar Rao of Royal Ceramics Wins CEO of Building Materials Company of the Year

The CEO of Royal Ceramics Limited, Bhaskar Rao has won CEO of Building Materials Company of the Year at the just concluded 2019 Nigeria Housing Awards (NHA) in Abuja on the 26th July 2019.

The prestigious award is in recognition of the contributions of Royal to the Nigerian housing and construction market through innovations, local content advancement, quality delivery and trust.

ROYAL, a product of West African Ceramics Limited, which is a leading manufacturer of Ceramic, Vitrified & Roofing tiles in Nigeria has been serving the needs of building material industry in West Africa since 1995. Starting with a single unit production facility of only Ceramic Tiles at Suleja, Niger State, the company moved on to a bigger production facility at Ajaokuta, Kogi State, thus presenting an array of products in Wall & Floor Tiles in both Ceramic, Vitrified categories and also Roofing tiles.

The state of art production facility is fully automatic & uses Italian technology & equipment’s. Offering an exquisite range of Polished & Un-Polished Wall & Floor Tiles in Ceramic, Variety of Porcelain Vitrified Tiles ranging from Soluble Salt, Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Granite Series, Salt & Pepper Series, Wood Series, Double Charged etc and Vitorsa Tiles under VB Series in all requisite sizes like 80×80 cm, 60×60 cm, 30×60 cm, 40×40 cm, 30×30 cm & Wall Tiles in 25×40 cm & 30×60 cm which are durable & maintenance free. Also soon coming up with bigger sizes like 90×120 cm, 1m x 1m.

The Nigeria Housing Awards marked the end of the 13th Abuja International Housing Show which hosted 30, 000 participants and over 30 international speakers from at least 15 countries from 23rd to 26th July 2019 at the International Conference Center Abuja. The award which held on the 26th July 2019 celebrated a number of excellent performers in the industry in the year under review.

By Ojonugwa Felix Ugboja

Housing: Experts Brainstorm in Abuja

Local and foreign experts in the housing sector, at the weekend, concluded a housing show, where they brainstormed on how to bridge the deficit in the country, as well as in the continent.

The programme which is the 13th edition of Abuja International Housing Show, had participants from drawn from various countries within the continent, Europe, Asia and America.

Hannatu Fika, executive secretary of the Housing Loans Board, during the event, said the Federal Government cannot solve the housing problem in the country alone.

“At the public sector level, the government of the day has done a lot to enable public servant, own their own homes to serve as motivation so that they can perform better.

“Government alone cannot provide all the housing need of public servants. So, what we have tried to do in the last ten years is to partner with private developers who have the funds.

“They go into construction at low-cost level and the civil servant will come to us by identifying these private developers and then we lend money to the public servant that is the loan entitlement  of the public servant to the private developer so that they can build this homes for them ranging from N3 million to N15 million,” he said.

The housing show, which was convened by Mr. Festus Adebayo, sought to proffer solutions to the housing challenges faced by citizens.

In his remarks, Adebayo urged the Federal Government to invest in the housing sector, saying citizens would be productive if they had good accommodation.

He said it is not right that the government is spending so much on health, while many of its citizens are living in slums.

“I have been hearing that the people who voted for President Buhari are not the elites, those who cannot afford houses are the ones who voted for him.

“So by creating interest in housing, you help them to own the house, that will help in a very good way. The idea of spending so much money on health where the people are living in slums is not the right way to solve the problem of housing.

“If people are provided with a decent home, level of health hazards will go down, so why spending money on health? Put decent money in housing, I can assure you that the number of going to the hospital will reduce,” he added.

Source: sunnewsonline

Inclusion of Land Use Act, NHF in 9th Senate’s Agenda Raises Hope for Housing Sector, Economy

Hope is in the air for Nigeria’s struggling housing sector and the wider economy that the obsolete Land Use Act and the largely elusive National Housing Fund (NHF) are included in the legislative agenda of the 9th Senate for intervention.

Expectation is that a review of the Land Use Act would free land for housing and other economic activities, including agriculture and industrialisation, while the NHF would ensure more people would be able to get a mortgage to build or buy houses, leading to increase in the country’s GDP.

Senate President Ahmed Lawan, speaking through Ashiru Oyinlola, a senator, who represented him at the ongoing Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS), was optimistic that with this intervention, all other policies required to get Nigerians closer to their dreams, especially housing, would be achieved.

“The importance of housing cannot be over-emphasised. Our needs are enormous while resources are lean. But the best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. Today presents us with the opportunity to consolidate on what we have built and to start new projects where necessary,” Lawan said.

AIHS is an annual housing event organised by Fesadeb Communications Limited, a housing sector promotion and advocacy firm. The show, now in its 13th edition, is arguably the largest gathering of housing sector stakeholders in Africa. This year’s edition has as theme ‘Driving Sustainable Housing Finance Models in the Midst of Global Uncertainty’.

In a veiled reference to this theme, Lawan noted that concerted efforts were required to think of the multiple ways of funding housing development in a way that would not only lead to the provision of homes, but to the growth of the economy.

“I am aware that there are critical areas that require legislative intervention like the Land Use Act, the National Housing Fund (NHF), housing regulations, and many more enabling policies. It is in the legislative agenda of the 9th Senate to see to it that all policies required to get us closer to our dreams are achieved,” he said.

The Land Use Act, enacted by the military government under Olusegun Obasanjo in 1978, is an obsolete land law that has overstayed its welcome and outlived its usefulness. The Act, which was aimed to ease access to land for housing, industrial and other economic purposes invested land ownership on state governors.

But the governors have, more or less, bungled the Act with its implementation. Land has now become a political tool in the hands of the governors. It is used for political patronage or victimisation, depending on which side of the divide the prospective beneficiary stands.
Every attempt to amend or review the Act has failed because amending it requires legislative action, which, in turn, involves expunging it from the constitution that only the National Assembly can do.

This is why the assurance of legislative intervention on the Act by the Senate President is something to look forward to with expectations of positive impact on both housing and other productive activities.

The NHF is another Federal Government intervention in the housing sector whose implementation has defeated its good intentions. The NHF, established in 1992 to aid the demand side of housing, was aimed to provide single-digit, 6 percent, interest rate to a subscriber to the fund seeking mortgage loan with repayment tenor of 20-30 years, depending on the age of the subscriber.

Today, the fund, which is being managed by the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) is avoided like leprosy because the primary mortgage banks (PMBs), through which the fund can be accessed, have made it not only inaccessible but also unaffordable through spurious demands from subscribers.

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Private Developers Seek Capital Market fund for Housing

Property developers have advised the Federal Government to consider the use of existing capital market fund to kick-start massive housing development programme.

The experts, who spoke at 2019 Abuja International Housing Show, explained that when such initiative is fully operational, financial challenge, which impede construction of housing for the citizen would be a thing of the past.

Leading the call, the Managing Director, Eximia Realty, Mr. Hakeem Ogunniran said Nigerian housing sector needs funding opportunities through capital market bonds to drive sustainable finance models in Nigeria.

He argued that real estate is a financing game and utilising the market to get long-term funds should be the focus. Ogunniran said “We cannot grow the sector when a chunk of money is going back to government.”

Contributing, Olufemi Ajulo of Enarxis International, applauded government for embarking on infrastructure development, stressing that monetary policy for developers should be looked into.

“Government has done enough to bring the housing industry out of its present condition, though developers want to concentrate building of houses in Abuja and Lagos”.

On his part, the President of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria, Ugochukwu Chime, said there are factors that would lead to massive housing, like development code, which few states have domesticated, among other policies.

Chime stressed that the industry has a lot to offer but what needed to be done to make it works, remains a challenge to developers and homeowners, adding that operators should speak the truth at all time.

Muktar Aliyu of Urban Shelter, listed finance, land and infrastructure, as the biggest impediments,saying that should be urgently addressed.

Meanwhile an indigenous firm, Cosgrove has acquired twelve hectares of land to construct a smart estate at Maitama/Katampe, Abuja.

This makes it the fourth estate being developed in the Federal Capital Territory due to increasing demands from inhabitants seeking smart homes. The firm also plans to embark on Mabushi and Guzape smart projects.

Speaking with The Guardian at Abuja Housing Show, Marketing Executive, Ochua Umoru, said after delivering Wuye Smart Estate, the company plans to apply for land, for the construction of another housing units.

Unoru also added that progress made by the company in less than two years of operations include, the Wuye Smart Estate which consists of, over 160 smart homes, that were sold to buyers within three months.

She said the projects are signature homes that showcased the latest designs and advancements in housing technology, adding that ‘the estate would be super-smart, and would consist, about 300 housing units.

“We are offering various types such as, seven-bedroom luxury villas, five bedroom fully detached, five bedroom semi-detached, four bedroom terraces and two bedroom luxury apartments with maids room and elevators,’ she added.

Contributing, Chief Executive Officer of Cosgrove, Umar Abdullahi said that every home in the estate will be fully automated and will feature the latest innovations in housing technology.

Umar said the firm has constructed over ten estates so far pledging to continue to get the best-known brains in research that would work to provide sound ideas for implementation.

Source: guardianng

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