AIHS and the Mandate of Building Stakeholders’ Capacity

While Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) is the number one conference on the continent for topical debates, professional networking and making of sales, it is also the most preferred destination for individuals and organizations looking to build their professional capacity.

There is always an array of career, business and technical support professionals with years of experience in mentoring successful businesses and careers at the show willing to transfer their ideas and experience to those who want to take the next big step.

The show also help build the capacity of both public and private stakeholders in the housing, construction and business sectors whose decisions tend to affect the growth or otherwise of the economy at large. This is the show’s way of ensuring that the best practices are not only observed but sustained.

Why Capacity Building is Important

You can have the most inspiring vision in the world, a powerful mission, and a great strategy, but if you don’t have the capacity for executing, none of those things really matters very much.

AIHS realises that building capacity is one of the most critical activities an organization or individual can pursue.

AIHS has designed capacity building models for all categories of stakeholders to help them in the following ways:

Adapting to Current challenges

AIHS capacity building structures help organizations answer questions like, what are the new opportunities and challenges arising for which you will need additional or different capacity? Where do you need less capacity than in the past? Are there opportunities for shifting resources?

Adopting a Growth Mind-set

Organizers of the show have realized over the years that for growth to happen, there should be also an organizational mindset. What’s yours? Do you believe you are capable of growth and improvement? If you aren’t seeing a growth mindset, then it is time to take steps to promote it—just making people aware of a fixed vs. growth mindset makes them much more likely to embrace the growth mindset.

Investing in Training for Your Human Resources

This is the low hanging fruit, but is often overlooked or not invested in sufficiently. If you want organizational capacity to grow, you have to invest in the individuals that comprise the organization. AIHS has found that one of the ironies of our work in the learning business is that often the people who are responsible for developing and delivering education for others do not have enough opportunities to develop themselves. This year’s show is a good time to make a plan to change that. Identify relevant members of your team and get them on the calendar for this event. The program really focuses in on topical areas that are likely to help improve capacity and the event will be complemented with a learning community that will go on before, during, and after to help cement the learning and make it stick.

Make Knowledge Development and Sharing an Ongoing Practice

We frequently advocate coming together as a group to engage collectively and build and share knowledge— attending an event like AIHS is one way to do that. We also advocate that you work together utilizing the various tools we provide – for example, the CEO Forum – to elicit knowledge and discussion. Prioritize this and schedule it.

Flesh Out and Document Key Processes

As already noted, many organizations do not have clear, well-documented processes in place for key areas of their learning business. We mentioned product development and pricing specifically, but there are many others. AIHS will help you discover how to take a close look at the processes that are most important to your organizations, and how to commit to making sure these are fully fleshed out and documented. Not only will this support your current capacity, it supports longer term sustainability as staff and volunteers move on.

Set Clear Goals and Track Metrics for the Use of Technology

There are diverse technologies for all stakeholders and business, but you need to know which one is most unique to you and that can help you get your job done. As part of this process, we will help you consider whether you have the right tech in place. Participants will learn how to select the right learning technologies for themselves and their organisations.

Connect with Other Organizations

Make a commitment to connect with and learn from peers attending the show. And don’t just make this a “nice to do” item. As part of your internal knowledge sharing and development, brainstorm a list of issues and challenges on which you would like to be able to learn from others and start actively seeking out organizations that have done what you want to do. You can find them on our website

Beneficiaries of AIHS Capacity Building Program

Those who will benefit from this capacity building event includes:

Public Officials

Public officials especially those who make critical decisions that affect the sector will benefit from this training in order to advance their work and catch up with current global standards.


Instead of spending more to recruit many staff, organisations and businesses can learn how to develop the capacity of their current staff to meet current challenges

Career Officers and Professionals

One of the greatest undoing of many career persons and professionals is stagnancy. The show will help those in this category to turn their fortunes around through exposure to how to advance their personal branding, ability to recognize and latch unto opportunities and more. Of special interest will be housing industry related professionals like developers, mortgage and investment bankers, property agents etc.


One of the most challenging issues in the artisans’ environment in Nigeria is the lack of professionalism. Though most of them operate in informal sectors, they can convert their work into formal operations through building of capacity. Attending this conference will be a major step for artisans who want to join the club of artisans whose works have been branded to a higher level of financial attractiveness.

Job Seekers and Students

Building a professional career, especially in the housing industry is a process. Job seekers and students can begin to learn this process early enough. They can learn from mistakes that have been made by others and how to avoid them. The event is an opportunity for them to prepare themselves for the future and to also begin to form a network of colleagues and professionals that will go a long way in forging their future.

By Ojonuwa Felix Uboja

What Makes ‘Abuja International Housing Show’ Different from Others?

From 23rd to 26th July this year, over 40, 000 guests from across the world will attend the 13th edition of the Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) — the flagship housing and construction event which stakeholders have described as the biggest and most prestigious in Africa.

With about 30 international speakers, 400 companies product exhibition and business opportunities running into billions of dollars, the AIHS is the target place for stakeholders, policy executives, business leaders, investors and clients to network and establish beneficial relationships.

The show is powered by leading Brand in housing communication,fesadeb Media Group and promoter of Housing Development advocacy network~Another excellent name in housing advocacy which they have been promoting in the last 25 years.

They are the pioneers of the only TV and radio program(s) on housing and construction in Nigeria, with a large viewership in Nigeria and abroad. They also own and manage the most reliable housing and construction news website popularly called Housing News.

Their impactful contributions in the housing and construction industry which has greatly help scale up housing access in Nigeria has earned them countless number of excellence awards from all professional bodies that embody the Nigerian housing and construction industry.

They have also received global awards and recognitions from countries like United Arab Emirates (Dubai),UK and South Africa.

Though a Nigerian brand, the Abuja housing show has always been praised for its international touch — attracting industry professionals from different countries to invest in the Nigerian real estate, housing and construction sectors.

So far, it is the only show with the blessing and acceptance from all government owned housing agencies, regulatory bodies and leading brands in the Nigerian housing sector. A legitimacy that has constantly drawn credible partnerships to the show over the years.

In the last 13 years of the show, it has featured top government officials like Vice Presidents, Governors, Ministers and many more influential participants from over 20 countries.

The show has always served as a great economic stimulant, especially in its host city, Abuja, where hotels, printing coys, transporters and logistics companies have always enjoyed great patronage during the show. The show is an economy of its own, not to mention the investment impact that continues even when it is done.

The Abuja International Housing Show is different because it is not a talk show platform, but a network of big businesses, opportunities and innovations.

Regular participants take advantage of the show because there is hardly any other show where they can network with as many stakeholders, clients and investors, and be able to showcase their products and ideas, and equally make great sales.

Those who are also looking to owning their own homes, especially at discounted rates have always seen this show as their desired destination. Contractors also use the show as an opportunity to interact with government officials and private sector leaders to sell their vision and strike good deals.

There is always a lot to learn at the AIHS especially from the panels, breakout sessions and testimonials about the current industry trends, how to create a bigger and beneficial industry, how to create accessible mortgages and tackle the challenges affecting housing demand and supply.

The difference with AIHS is the opportunities that it creates for everyone. From those in government looking for new ideas, to industry stakeholders looking for new opportunities, to investors looking for the best ideas and businesses, to companies looking for the biggest market, and to clients looking for the best deals, the Abuja International Housing Show has and will always be the best housing and construction platform for all.

One of this year’s most anticipated events in the Show is the CEO forum, which will be a convergence of industry leaders and ranking CEOs sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise on how to advance the housing and construction industry in an ever changing world of real estate and finance. It will be the first of its kind and most registered participants have indicated their enthusiasm about witnessing the CEO forum.

Int’l housing show to tackle sector challenges in CEO forum

The coordinator of the Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) said its 13th edition would feature AIHS CEO FORUM to tackle several challenges in the housing sector.

Bar Festus Adebayo,coordinator of the 13th AIHS made this known to the newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja.

The 13th AIHS is scheduled to hold in Abuja from July 23 to July 26, while the CEO’s forum will feature on July 23, the first day of the show.

Adebayo explained that the forum which would feature 200 CEO’s in the real estate, mortgage housing finance, construction companies and professional institutions would focus on macro-economic and socio-political environment and impact of real estate market.

“The forum which is a gathering of high profile professionals who are founders and business owners will give opportunity to present and discuss challenges facing their respective organisations and the way forward.

“It is a collaborative and supportive environment for leaders in Nigerian real estate industry support services and mortgage banks. Participating in the forum will increase high level business contact.

According to Adebayo, the forum will equally provide avenue for meeting counterparts from every parts of the country and outside the country on networking business relations.

He further noted that it would provide an exceptional opportunity to enhance company’s growth potential and make privilege contact with financial institutions and investors

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This, he said would avail the participants an opportunity to understand the housing and construction industry best practices

“AIHS CEO’s forum leverages the collective experience and knowledge of fellow business leaders from across the country network to share and develop strategies and solutions specific to member organisations and real estate industry,’’ he added.

He noted that the agenda of the forum also included issues relating to profitability strategies, lending and credit risk, improving sales and services, assets liability as well as investment.

Fesadeb Media Group is also the producer of housing development programmes on African Independent Television, Ray Power, TVC and Nigeria Television Authority .

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Source: Housing News

Housing show to drive finance models – Convener

The Convener of the 13th Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) says the show will focus on driving sustainable housing finance models to achieve affordable houses.

Mr Festus Adebayo, Managing Director, FESADEB Media Group and the convener disclosed this in Abuja on Wednesday while speaking on the level of preparation for the forthcoming show.

The AIHS would feature more than 400 foreign and local exhibitors and 35,000 participants across 20 countries, scheduled for July 23 to July 26, at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

The theme of the show is: “Driving Sustainable Housing Finance Models in the Midst of Global Uncertainties’’.

Adebayo said that the theme stemmed from the outlook of global economy that could tend toward another recession and the attendant impact such an event could have on Nigerian affordable market. “The likelihood of global recession is on the level of increase of global debt

“According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global debt has reached `an all time high’ of 184 trillion dollars in nominal terms. “In addition to the likelihood of recession is the rising level of global uncertainties,’’ he said.

This, he said, were fuelled by nationalistic sentiments such as the ongoing tussle between China and the United States of America and also between European Union and its member states like United Kingdom.

“Coupled with the current monetary tightening it is expected to increase in Europe and USA,’’ the convener said. The expert explained that the show had also introduced innovations in the 13th AIHS exhibition aspect that would give enough room for networking among participants.

“The second AIHS Chief Executive Officers forum will feature 100 high ranking CEOs of mortgage banks, real estate institutions and companies, construction companies’ professional bodies and international investment organisations.

“The international investor’s dinner will also feature delegations from Turkey, Rwanda, China and United Arab Emirate to deliberate on way to achieve affordable housing.”

On the successes recorded in the past by AIHS, Adebayo noted that its recommendations were taken and complied with by many states across the country.

“Our recommendations were well utilised in Osun where we now have a full-fledged mortgage bank owned by the state government.

“It is also working in many states including Niger state where the state is developing its mass city involving aggressive estate development to explore the opportunities of the population influx from Abuja.”

He expressed hope that the in-coming administration would do more in the area of housing to drive the country’s economy. “We are also aware that most houses have been delivered under the present government.

“But we are adamant that our focus in the 13th AIHS will be more on the area of affordability of these houses that government is building,’’ he said. (NAN)

Source: Ella Anokam

Polls Reveal Abuja International Housing Show Best Housing Event of 2018

In an online poll conducted by Chisla Associates, in which over 5000 stakeholders within and outside Nigeria participated. Out of the 8 shortlisted housing and construction events in Lagos and Abuja, 70% of the participants voted the Abuja International Housing Show as the best housing event of 2018.

Most of them based the votes on the following; Sales made during and after the event, the quality of personalities that attended, the organisation of the event among others.

According to one of the participants, ‘’sales were made at the stands, some exhibitors made sales worth millions of Naira. A lot of participants also got job opportunities’’. One of the foreign exhibitors’ said ‘’my participation in the show has made my plumbing products available everywhere in Nigeria’’.

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it has also become a neutral platform for professionals in the construction and housing industry to meet and exchange ideas,: just as some of the voters said that the platform belong to everybody and also belong to is on record that some professionals bodies who took stands benefited in using the platform to educate the public about their profession.

The economic impact of the event on the Federal Capital Territory, cannot be overemphasised. From hotel patronage to patronage of restaurants and lounges, printing of materials, and spin-offs of various business during the event has added value to the federal capital Territory, since most of the participants are drawn from the 36 states of the federation and over 21 countries.

One of the voters called on the organisers of the show to commence hosting of one day training for representatives of exhibitors, as he observed that some of them did not show skill in following up some of the prospective clients. Another voter called on the government to be using the platform to launch programmes and policies on housing since the crowd in the annual show cannot be found in any other event in Nigeria.

About 65% of the voters acknowledged that the event showcases innovative developments in the housing industry, while 55% of the voters particularly hailed the organisers efforts on the quality of paper presentations from experts and leading names in the industry, from various parts of the world.

One of the participants of the online poll said the Abuja International Housing Show is an opportunity for those working in housing to establish methods by which tangible change can be effected to not only produce better buildings but better serve our cities as well.

A participant who has been a regular visitor to the Abuja International Housing Show noted that business should not be an excuse to isolate yourself, but an avenue to meet an know new people. All work and no play can get old fast, in the sense that event can add a layer of enjoyment to managing your career growth by mixing a social aspect into your business efforts.

Other participants of the online poll hailed the organisers for the platform it provides for participants to network and learn. They insisted that no matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn.  Working in a small business venture can often be isolating, and without exposure to a variety of points of view, people can miss new ideas and trends that can impact future results.

The educational aspect of the Abuja International Housing Show can expose you to new ways of conducting your real estate or construction business, and help you discover how to be more productive.

The 13th Edition of the show is scheduled to hold from July 17th to 20th, 2019, with the theme: Driving sustainable Housing Finance Models In the midst of Global Uncertainty. For video clips and pictures of previous events visit www.abujainternationalhousingshow



Catch The Best Deals At The 13th Abuja International Housing Show

Are you an Estate Developer, Construction Engineer or Contractor?

The 13th Abuja International Housing Show is fast approaching, and it’s the best time to access the best finance property development deals from public and private, development finance, and banking institutions.

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The 4-Day annual event will take place from Happening LIVE at the annual 4-Day high powered Abuja International Housing Show taking place from 20rd- 23th July, 2019 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria.


Show Features

  • Practitioners from over 10 countries across the globe.
  • 15,000+ participants including top government officials from across Africa.
  • Live coverage on major TV/Radio/Online stations
  • Supported by all the leading brands in the housing and construction industry.
  • Exhibitions by all leading building and construction brands
  • In partnership with leading professional bodies in Nigeria.
  • Best deals and discounts on all Housing related products and services.

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Why Abuja International Housing Show Is The Most organized Show In Nigeria

Housing matters to economic development. It can not only boost economic performance and place competitiveness, but it can also lead to segregation and spatial concentrations of poverty.

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The Government’s housing growth plans induces the opportunity to improve the use of housing as an enabler of economic growth, but housing policy will need to be more responsive to local economic development conditions. In the current downturn, ensuring new homes are delivered of the right type, in the right place, and linked to wider economic outcomes will be all the more important. If housing is treated as an isolated issue, future investment is unlikely to achieve either sustainable growth or the outcomes desired by the Government’s housing policies.


It is for the above reason that Abuja International Housing show is committed to bringing all stakeholders together with the goal of Implementing a more integrated response to housing and economic development in Nigeria.

The mission of the 12th Abuja International Housing show is to bring together housing practitioners, advocates and resources so that all Nigerians will have the opportunity to have quality affordable home and suitable living environment.

Abuja International Housing show provides professional consultation services through training and technical assistance on affordable housing and related issues; supports community-based partnerships in leveraging resources; and advocates for policies, programs and use of funding resources that maximize the availability and improve the quality of affordable housing in Africa.

We carry out this mission recognizing that affordable housing is an integral part of community revitalization and economic development.                                                                                                                    

Abuja International Housing Show:An International Brand With A Nigerian Touch

Global brands are all around us but the true winner is the Abuja International Housing Show, which in every sense of the word has given life to the phrase ”Think global, act local”.

Regarded as the largest built and construction exhibition in Africa, with about  400 exhibitors and over 15,000 participants, the Abuja International Housing Show, is a convergence of ‘who is who’, in construction, estate development, engineering, architecture, estate surveying, quantity surveying, estate management, finance, Interior decoration and design, furniture and building products, materials and services businesses from across world.

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It also pulls in high profile personalities including, governors, housing ministers, state commissioners, CEOs, and global body heads from over 10 countries’’.

As a global brand, the event has carved has carved for itself an international reputation in the course of finding lasting solutions to challenges of housing in Nigeria also become a credible platform where people network, promote their businesses and make housing available at affordable rates.The event is also an opportunity for prospective home owners to gain insights into how an occupant can become involved in the design process, including influencing house layout and fabric choices, and bringing individual needs into focus in future design developments.

It also allows prospective occupants to engage directly with the house-builder, which ultimately leads to increased demand for home grown products and services, not only that, It is has also become a credible platform where those thinking of how to become homeowners, see their dreams turn to reality.

The Abuja International Housing Show, helps to stimulate the building and construction industry, in terms of design-led housing solutions, and high quality home-grown materials and products.

A major highlight of the event is the showcase of innovative developments in the housing industry, paper presentations from experts and leading names in the industry.

Over the years, the Abuja housing show has garnered the support of its partners drawn from the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, professional bodies among others.

The Abuja International Housing Show has been able to go beyond the boundaries of Nigeria, and establish itself as a international brand with a Nigerian touch.

Source:Affa Dickson Acho



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