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Established over a decade ago, the Nigerian Housing Awards (NHA) is widely known as the gold standard for performance excellence in the mortgage banking and affordable housing. Every year, the organizers of the Abuja international Housing Show, present Awards to those individuals and corporations that


The organizers of Abujahousingshow will be highlighting housing successes across Nigeria at this year’s 12th Abuja International Housing Show. I invite and encourage all stakeholders in the Real Estate Industry to send in their stories – including photos and videos too. This is a unique

CEOs FORUM AT THE 12th Abuja International Housing Show

The need for industry unity has never been more important. Increasing competition among stakeholders, industry disruption, consolidation and outdated, inefficient regulations and public policies demand CEO discussion and alignment. Before now, no such forum had existed to discuss these matters. It is for this reason,

THE 12TH Abuja International Housing Show

THE 12TH Abuja International Housing Show IS A MUST ATTEND TO GET YOUR FIX OF EVERYTHING AFFORDABLE HOUSING; MORTGAGE BANKING; BUILDING MATERIALS; HOUSING FINANCE STRATEGY AND SOCIAL HOUSING POLICY IMPLEMENTATION. Today, there is a national shortage of affordable rental homes for low income people, including

The Core Objective of the Abuja International Housing Show

Housing matters to economic development. It can not only boost economic performance and place competitiveness, but it can also lead to segregation and spatial concentrations of poverty. The Government’s housing growth plans induces the opportunity to improve the use of housing as an enabler of economic

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