Building Africa’s Housing Financing Chain

The 34th African Union for Housing Finance conference and Annual General Meeting took place for the first time in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire on 23 & 25 October 2018. This 2018’s theme was: Building Africa’s Housing Financing Chain

  1.  AUHF Presentation by Mark Seymour
  2.  AUHF Presentation by Oscar Mgaya
  3. AUHF Presentation by Gomolemo Zimona
  4. AUHF Presentation by Mounia Tagma
  5. AUHF Presentation by Solly Mboweni
  6. AUHF Presentation by Andrew Chimpondah
  7. AUHF Presentation by Christian Agossa
  8. AUHF Presentation by James Clayton
  9. AUHF Presentation by Mehluli Mpofu
  10. AUHF Presentation by Olu Olanrewaju
  11. AUHF Presentation by Davina Wood


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