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13th Abuja Housing Show

Hydraform Wins Promoter of Affordable Housing Construction Award

Building construction company, Hydraform has been crowned with Promoter of Affordable Housing Construction Award at the just concluded 2019 Nigeria Housing Awards (NHA) in Abuja on the 26th July 2019.

The prestigious award is in recognition of the organisation’s contribution to the provision of affordable housing and reduction of slum dwelling in many African countries, especially Nigeria.

While speaking at the 13th Abuja International Housing Show, Robert Plattner, the CEO of Hydraform said: “We are going back to the use of earth to build sustainable and affordable housing for people. We are in at least 75 countries all over the world and trusted for our effective delivery and affordability.”

Hydraform is an internationally recognised building construction company with proven track record of delivering works of the highest quality and at the best rates. The company is widely acknowledged as an indomitable force in Nigeria and on the continent when it comes to quality and professionalism. The Abuja International Housing Show is impressed by Hydraform’s ability to reshape and modernise building construction in Africa.

Product wise, the Hydraform Interlocking Soil Block (hydraform block) is an interlocking earth block used in many countries for construction purposes. The hydraform block is made from soil cement which is a mixture of soil, cement and water, and is hydraulically compressed to form a high quality interlocking soil block. Soil from the building site can be used to manufacture building blocks. Sandcrete and landcrete are similar materials but are not compressed.

The Hydraform compressed earth block is very popular due to the cost savings that are involved during the construction process as only around 30% of the structure requires mortar between the blocks. Due to the interlocking nature of the stabilized soil block, unskilled labour can be utilised in construction thereby empowering rural communities and creating jobs.

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The blocks interlock top to bottom and front to back. Blocks dimensions are 220 millimetres (8.7 in) wide, 115 millimetres (4.5 in) high and 230 millimetres (9.1 in) long. It weighs approximately 12 kilograms (26 lb). Once blocks are manufactured it is “wet cured” for a period of 14–21 days to reach desired strength.

These impressive features has made them a major force in the building construction industry.

The Nigeria Housing Awards marked the end of the 13th Abuja International Housing Show which hosted 30, 000 participants and over 30 international speakers from at least 15 countries from 23rd to 26th July 2019 at the International Conference Center Abuja. The award which held on the 26th July 2019 celebrated a number of excellent performers in the industry in the year under review.

By Ojonugwa Felix Ugboja

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