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13th Abuja Housing Show


As always, the Abuja International Housing Show offers amazingly awesome opportunities for the most discerning companies across the built industry value chain.

Here are 10 awesome tips to enhance your exposure and sales as an exhibiting brand at the 13th Abuja International Housing Show slated for the 23rd – 26th July, 2019.

1. Prepare Early: Preparing early is key to a most successful outing as an exhibitor in any event, much less one as noteworthy as the Abuja International Housing Show. This enables brands avoid issues such as poor logistics, unavailable props, late stand setup etc which may lead to loss of critical audiences at the most strategic moments.

2. Be Unique: Contrary to popular belief, it really doesn’t matter where you are positioned at a big show like the AIHS, what is important is how uniquely positioned you are. Are you armed with the most fascinating props that catches the attention of attendees no matter the distance? With very attractive and attention grabbing signage, you are sure to attract all classes of prospective audiences to your exhibition stand.

3. Be Marketing Ready: Being marketing ready means many things in business. For the AIHS, all of your marketing collaterals should be not just available but available in excess to avoid shortage as its a long four day event. From brochures, flyers and complementary cards, to handy proposals to facilitate business agreements and seal deals on the spot, being marketing ready is a sure fire way to boost sales at the event.

4. Come with Branded Souvenirs: Having branded Souvenirs to gift visitors that come to your exhibition stand is necessary to put your corporate image in front of the built industry consumers all year round. This includes pens, notepads, desk pads, wrist bands, mugs, T-shirts, decorative mini product samples etc. These items allow attendees think about your brand for as long as possible even if they didn’t buy or place an order on the spot, ingraining it in their consciousness until the perfect moment for a perfect sale. And of course, don’t forget that everyone loves gifts.


4. Flag Off on Social: Don’t wait until the AIHS begins before you flag off on social. With nicely designed publicity banners, posts and the right hashtags, flag off your next exhibition stop on social media with the right copy messages and hashtags to inform existing and potential customers about your stand and the benefits of dropping by at the 13th Abuja International Housing Show. The promoted discounts may tick off a long time prospect who may be ready to swoop down and pick up a deal.

5. Deals: A myriad of deals should be on display at your stand and let attendees know you are here for business. These deals can feature competitions, discounts and promotions that prospects can’t resist because they know it’s a no brainer to scoop it or miss out on it until the coming year.

6. Light Nibbles: Having light snacks, sweets and juices at your stand is an incentive to draw audiences, be they the high and mighty or emerging middle class to middle class, everyone is game as people tend to be quick to catch bites especially if they have had an early day. The buzz it may create, draw participants to know more about your service offerings.

7. Bring your Smiling Faces: The saying, ‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile’ is still true. Putting on a welcoming outlook can do wonders for your business. Hence, letting all your exhibiting teammates know this is essential for success. Informing them that the smile must never fade from their faces will keep them on high alert and attracting everyone to your corporate stand.

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8. Speak to Prospects: Don’t wait for attendees to speak to you, the moment you see them milling around your stand, say hello and speak to them about your offerings. Without taking time out to think of who you are talking to, speak to them. A driver may be sent on an errand by his boss to get building materials and he will remember the company that treated him like a king even when he didn’t look like one. In essence, speak to all by treating all attendees equally.

9. Look the Part: Dress the way you wish to be addressed is another important saying. While you may not favour an entirely corporate look, sell your brand in the best way possible, establishing brand colours, image, logos and playoffs in the most dramatic ways. You need to look like you are at the AIHS show to sell, which is what you are coming to do anyway.

10. Be Creative, Bring Social On: Tweet those pictures, use insta stories, chat with Snapchat, use Facebook live videos, share your best thoughts about the program on LinkedIn. It’s a show, so become the show by showing the world what your brand is up to. This will continue to establish you as a formidable brand, increasing your success potential beyond the show with prospective audiences.

With these 10 awesome tips, it’s time to belt up for an exhilarating ride at the 2019 outing of the Abuja International Housing Show.

By Felix Ojonugwa Ugboja

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