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13TH AIHS International Housing Finance Conference

finance conference

DAY 1 

Session 1 (Socio-Economy): Distilling the Opportunities and Challenges of global risk and uncertainty to Nigeria’s Housing and finance markets 

  • A review of the Global Housing Market – Ibrahim Suleiman, SME Housing, PwC 
  • Reviewing the 2019 Political landscape and Its Impact on Housing – Ugochukwu Chime 
  • Sustainable Development of the Nigerian housing Market: Prospects for Private Equity & Debt Capital Companies  Sonnie Ayere 
  • Residential Real Estate Outlook Cause for Optimism? – Tayo OdunsiCEO Northcourt 
  • Alternative Sources of Funding: Innovative structures for Diaspora housing delivery – Robert Hornsby, Co-Founder, American Homebuilders of West Africa 

DAY 2 

Session 2 (Financial Trends): Innovating and mitigating against risk and uncertainty in Housing finance   

  • Today’s Nigerian Mortgage Market: Lending Conditions and the Regulatory Environment – Agnes Tokunbo Martins 
  • Mortgage Refinancing and Affordability: Scaling up the reach – Kehinde Ogundimu 
  • Building a Global framework for foreign investments into Nigerian housing market – Andrew Chimphondah 
  • Democratizing Mortgage Finance – Niyi Akinlusi 
  • Foreign Capital for Housing Finance in Emerging Economies: The Ghana Home Loans Story – Dominic Adu 
  • Residential real estate valuation: A critical input element for guarding against systemic risk – Rowland Abonta 

DAY 3 

Session 3 (Innovation): Property Technology – NIGERIA PROPTECH 


  • Everything PropTech: Could this be the new path?  – Roland Igbinoba 
  • Innovations at Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria – Ahmed Dangiwa  
  • Investing in Green Technology: Building Solutions for Escalating operating costs in housing developments – GM, Urban Shelter Ltd. 
  • Big Data and Analytics – A critical tool to improving residential real estate markets. Kecia Rust  
  • Closing the gap in affordable housing production: Increased efficiency and cost – Lew Schulman 
  • The Landscape of PropTech in Nigeria – Panel Session (A selection of 6 innovative Nigerian PropTech companies involved in housing) 
  • Cosgrove 
  • Coreum 
  • GatePass 
  • EstateIntel 
  • Fibre 
  • Cobuildit 

The list above can be swapped by you (CEO, AIHS) at any time – depending on the need to bring in some people of your choice  


Session 4 (Sustainability): Green Mortgage and Housing innovations in the era of risk and uncertainty   

  • Innovations in Residential Housing Development – Adapting to the Changing Market Demand (Case studies from Family Homes Fund) – Femi Adewole 
  • Sustainable Infrastructure financing for housing in Nigeria – Sa’adiya Aliyu Aminu 
  • Attractive Investment Climate for housing development: Guidelines from Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission – Ms. Yewande Sadiku 
  • The feasibility and performance of green energy buildings/technologyImproving energy use and the construction industry – IFC / IFC EDGE Consultants 

Session 5 (Social Policy): Addressing Housing demand in the face of growing Joblessness and income inequality 

  • Panel Session – Housing the Poor
  • Mr. Sam Odia 
  • Harmony Kunu 
  • Emmanuel Nelson 
  • Mrs. Medinah 
  • Mortgage Consumer Education as a tool to mitigating credit risk occurrence  
  • Innovations of subsidies and housing finance models for the low and medium income category – Olivia Cadwell  
  • Dealing with unplanned settlements and slum growth in our major cities – Banjo Obaleye 

Session 6 – Panel Session: Advocacy – Which way forward Nigeria? 

  • Should government create possible subsidies for the growth of home ownership? If so, how should it be done? 
  • What are the implications of not enforcing guidelines and standards for operations in the real estate industry? Is this a priority as we speak? If so, how do we solve the problem? 
  • Can tenancy rights be termed ‘fair’ in Nigeria in relation to government demolitions and actions?  
  • Should local, state and federal government authorize greater portions of local revenues for housing assistance? How will this affect other sectors?  
  • How can we create a “Housing first” model to be effectively implemented by both the government and the private sector?   
  • What role(s) should government play in advocacy for adequate housing assistance and practical federal schemes?  
  • How can responsibility be allocated amongst government and regulatory institutions for ensuring availability of affordable housing? Is the current structure efficient enough? 
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