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13th Abuja Housing Show, Featured

Why AIHS is the Best Home Ownership Event for Everyone

The Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) is simply a marketplace of houses. It is a competing ground for several local and international home builders and mortgage institutions looking to offer the best deals to customers.

For the past 13 years, the show has been able to cater to the housing needs of its teeming participants, who are always attracted by the unbeatable deals – deals they couldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

Michael Olu is a civil servant with five children. He had spent 20 years working but couldn’t own a home of his own because of the cost. The high cost of land, infrastructure and capital often make it impossible, even for workers to own their own homes. But AIHS changed his story.

On recommendation, he attended the Abuja International Housing Show for the sole purpose of owning his own home and that dream came true. Michael was able to key into one of the affordable housing mortgages at the show and today he has a house of his own, bringing joy to his wife and children. The rent days are over.

This is a story of many other people. Whether it is affordable mortgage or a developer with an affordable housing project, the show offers multiple options of affordability for participants. A lot of estates, especially those built without offtakers have been taken by customers at the show who found the deals too good to resist.

Whether you are a CEO or an artisan, the Show ensures that there are affordable housing options for everyone. From bankers to consultants, lawyers, graphic designers, web developers, journalists, video editors, chauffeurs, engineers, marketers, technicians, artisans, freelancers and even students, the show offers diverse range of home ownership opportunities that can take beneficiaries to the next level. For those seeking to own their own homes, attending the show will be like killing multiple birds with 1 stone.

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Best Bargains

Many participants choose to attend the Show because of its wide display of products at unbeatable rates. The show offers opportunities to make direct purchases at discounted rates.

The Show has helped reduce the cost of home acquisition because it demands the participating mortgage banks and estate developers to sell their products at much discounted event-rates, which is usually the case. As a result, a lot of people come to the Show without a home, but eventually leave with one because the deals are usually too good to be rejected.

The Show has overtime helped people expose themselves and their organizations to new options of housing financing.

Owning Your Home with Integrity

What stands AIHS out is its ability to not only offer these opportunities, but to also ensure that the participating estate developers and mortgage institutions are credible and trust worthy. The housing sector is fraught with incidences of fraud, and it is in a bid to root out such practises that AIHS is being convened in the first place. Only companies that have passed through the show’s due diligence are offered the platform to showcase their housing products.

Most customers attend the show because they are aware that they would be dealing with trusted brands. It is an opportunity to own your own home with integrity, without fear of being scammed or losing your home in the future to any unforeseen error. Those who have gotten their homes through the show over the years continue to testify to how at peace they are with their choices.


You Can Be a Lucky Offtaker

Some estate developers come to the show as an avenue to get offtakers for their projects. Because of the cost of building, most estate developers are advised to make their developments easier by reaching prior agreements with offtakers.

So in this case, you can decide not just where you want the house to be, but the design that you want. The developers will build the homes to the exact taste of their customers.

You Can Own a Home by Joining Participating Cooperatives

AIHS hosts a lot of housing cooperatives from across the country every year. It will be an opportunity for anyone who hasn’t joined any cooperative to seek out the ones that satisfies their demands and join them in order to lessen the burden of owning a home.

These cooperatives also use the show to meet with estate developers who can develop at very affordable rates for their members. Given that they have the numbers, it will naturally reduce the cost for their members. This is an economic cost advantage show that one shouldn’t miss out of.

AIHS Brings Government Housing Initiatives to the Target Audience

Aside private developers, there are also other government housing institutions like the Family Homes Funds, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company and others at the show promoting the affordable housing initiatives of the government that people can key into and reap benefits.

The Family Homes Funds for example is currently undertaking a federal government project of providing at least 500, 000 homes by 2023. The project is targeted at low income earners who are the most affected in terms of home ownership in Nigeria. Family Homes Funds like many other government bodies at the show will be exhibiting their affordable housing projects like the mass housing scheme, the Help-to-Buy scheme and other affordable home ownership schemes that they have.

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Opportunities like this come rarely for buyers, especially because the choices available to them are more of limited promo offers which clearly proves why you need to be at the show.

Attending the AIHS is therefore a lifetime opportunity for home-seekers. Records show that more people sign up to home ownership opportunities at the Abuja Housing Show than any other housing event in Africa. Economic realities have increasingly made it difficult for people to build their own homes, but AIHS has devised a way to provide alternative and affordable options for everyone and you can’t let this pass you by.

By Ojonugwa Felix Ugboja

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