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13th Abuja Housing Show, Featured

AIHS: The Benefits of Attending this Year’s Show as a Working Class

The 13th edition of the biggest housing and construction show in Nigeria is set to commence from 23rd to 26th July 2019 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

While the show will be attended by multinational companies and top stakeholders in the industry from Nigeria and from over 15 countries in the world, it will also be a great avenue of opportunity for career persons or those in what is generally known as the working class.

From bankers to consultants, lawyers, graphic designers, web developers, journalists, video editors, chauffeurs, engineers, marketers, technicians, freelancers and even students, the show offers diverse range of engagement opportunities that can take careers to the next level. For career people, attending the show will be like killing multiple birds with 1 stone.

In this piece, we shall breakdown some of the life changing benefits for the working class at the Abuja International Housing Show.

Opportunity to Learn More
Opportunity for Professional Networking
Job Opportunities
Affordable Home Ownership Opportunity
Opportunity for Making Money
Opportunity for Freelance and Consultancy
Opportunity to Develop New Skills
Opportunities for Investments
Opportunities to promote professional bodies
Opportunities for cheap bargains


Opportunity to Learn More

Learning does not end after getting a job – in fact, it begins from there. The working class is a very competitive environment, and for anyone in that class to remain relevant and have competitive advantage over their peers, the only way to do that is to open themselves to opportunities of learning.

According to several statistics, working class people who regularly take out time to learn more about their profession tend to do better than those who refuse to take such initiatives.

The Abuja International Housing Show is aware that such opportunities for learning are very few in Nigeria. And that is why it considers this responsibility of providing more education for the working class a very important one. A lot of workers in Nigeria have limited opportunities to such platforms that can refine their career knowledge in order to catch up with evolving global best practices.

At this year’s show, there will be over 30 international speakers and career advisors available to help in mentoring and equipping working class and aspiring working class people for a very dynamic work environment as we know it today.

The Abuja International Housing Show has been widely recognized for being a marketplace of information because the Show recognises that the most potent resource of the 21st century and especially in the Housing and Career Sector is information. Things change quickly, and only those who can keep up will be able to compete and stay relevant in the industry and work environment.

The free access to career information has always been one of the most important benefits for workers who attend the AIHS.

Workers who attend the show will learn vital things like how they can improve their work; how they can position themselves for their works to be seen and recognized; how they can keep up with global trends in their careers; how they can do things differently from others in order to stand out; how they can leverage on professional networks; how they can identify the next career opportunities among others.

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Participants will also learn from the experience of those who have risen to become CEOs and major decision makers in their careers. They will share vital information on how they were able to successfully climb their career ladders till the very top. That will greatly serve not only as an inspiration for the working and aspiring working class people, but a guide to leading a progressive career life.

Opportunity for Professional Networking

One of the most important opportunities for any career person to move to the next level of their career is through professional networking. Sadly, opportunities for professional networking are few. But the Abuja International Housing Show has been able to create a free platform for that to happen.

There is hardly any other event where one can meet freely with top industry CEOs, recruiters, public officials and other important stakeholders.

Over the years, a lot of people have been able to strike beneficial relationships at the Show by impressing with their skills and knowledge – a very attractive quality for employers.

The contacts available at the Show can bring lifetime opportunities for serious-minded career people.

Job Opportunities

A lot of companies and employers have always used the show as an opportunity for recruitments. So, whether you are a working class person who is seeking a better job, or an aspiring working class person, you will be doing yourself a great deal of good by attending the show and availing yourself to opportunities of better employment at the show.

The show plays host to over 500 national and international companies who are not only seeking a bigger market for their products, but a stronger work force. If you believe you have what it takes to work for some of the top companies in the country or in the world, then be ready to come take that offer this year.

Realising that job creation is a responsibility of all stakeholders in the country, on its part, the Abuja International Housing Show has been able to provide opportunities for skilled persons in the industry and even elsewhere to tap into the job opportunities that are always available at the show.

Most partners and exhibitors at the Show also used the platform to seek out skilled persons that can join their team and improve their capacity.

Manufacturing companies and exhibitors have also been able to through the Show employ the labour of informal labourers like plumbers, welders, carpenters and a host of other artisans.


The AIHS has received testimonies from many young people whose careers were defined and even kick-started by the Show.

Being a number one place for professional networking, many young graduates and professionals looking for how to advance their career use the show as a stepping stone to greatness.

Affordable Home Ownership Opportunity

There are a lot of career people whose current income cannot enable them own their own homes. The Abuja International Housing Show presents opportunities for such people to have access to the most affordable home ownership schemes available in the market, as well as mortgages that are very flexible and cheap.

This year’s show will feature over 100 real estate developers, who are offering low income houses as well as luxury homes, and a lot of mortgage banks as well who will be marketing their packages. The availability of these multiple options will help you decide which is best for you, and everyone knows that in such case when supply is high, the prices will be considerably low and affordable. So, it is more like once in a blue moon opportunity to own your own home.

Opportunity for Making Money

You might be wondering how you can make money at an event like the Abuja International Housing Show. Well, that’s what you are about to learn.

The Abuja International Housing Show is not just a talk show or a conference, it is an international business centre where both products and ideas are exchanged for profit. Those with brilliant ideas can make money from it by packaging it and marketing it to the buyers that are ever available.

Once you can identify something that will help a company or business do better, they will break the bank to buy that idea from you.

Apart from selling your ideas, there are a lot of ad hoc jobs at the show that can help you make money while the show lasts.

A lot of companies would be mounting their exhibition stands which might need professionals like you to help them manage it. So, you can be attending the show, learning, networking and making money at the same time.

Some might also need you to help them get the right people for other kinds of work. This is a form of outsourcing responsibility which you will also be paid for.

Opportunity for Freelance and Consultancy

Even if you are not willing to leave your current job, or take up a permanent job, you can get freelance and consultancy jobs with some of the companies and business, including those from abroad.

With such jobs, you can work for them from wherever you are. Whether it is research, report writing, marketing, clients’ relationship or whatever kind of remote responsibilities there are, you can work for all these companies as a freelancer.

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Opportunity to Develop New Skills

The show also feature opportunities for career and even non-career people to develop new skills relevant for 21st century competitiveness.

Participants can learn about new skills in the areas of digital marketing, web development, real estate marketing, how to write real estate contents among others.

Others can learn technical skills related to building and construction, and possibly take up full time jobs in those areas.

Opportunities for Investments

For career people who are also seeking information on areas to invest, especially in the very lucrative real estate market, the show will present such opportunities.

Renowned experts will provide housing market forecasts and examine issues such as home prices, production, demand and supply, coupled with investment advice from investment and insurance bankers on how and what to invest in that can gradually generate long time financial benefits.


Opportunities to Promote Professional Career Bodies

Professional bodies like ICAN, NBA, NUJ, Engineers, Bankers Association and many others can utilise the show to meet opportunities that will benefit their bodies.

As a body, they can promote their ideas and projects in order to attract the right partnership and cooperation needed to achieve those goals and objectives.

Opportunities for Cheap Bargains

With over 400 product exhibitors, 100+ homes interior companies, commercial and mortgage banks selling all sorts of housing and construction products, including latest innovations in related areas, participants will have opportunity to make purchases at unbeatable prices.

Many participants choose to attend the Show because of its wide display of products at unbeatable rates. The show offers opportunities to make direct purchases at discounted rates.

The Show has helped reduce the cost of home acquisition because it demands the participating mortgage banks and estate developers to sell their products at much discounted event-rates, which is usually the case. As a result, a lot of people come to the Show without a home, but eventually leave with one because the deals are usually too good to be rejected.

The Show has overtime helped people expose themselves and their organizations to new options of housing financing.

Clearly, there is no other platform in Nigeria that can bring together as many professionals, not only from housing, real estate and construction sectors, but also from government, investment, and capital markets to share their first-hand experience, knowledge and expertise on varied issues related directly or indirectly to housing and development.

The opportunities for working class people in such an environment cannot be overstated. As we have seen, there are enormous opportunities, and it will be wise not to miss them for anything because sometimes the difference between failure and success is the decision to grab an opportunity like this

By Ojonugwa Felix Ugboja

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