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Lagos Island Is Long Overdue For Total Regeneration – Jeje

Honourable Bosun Jeje is a lawyer and a former Commissioner for Housing in Lagos State. In this interview with Seyi Taiwo-Oguntuase he speaks on the recent building collapse and what can be done to avert future occurrences, among other issues. Excerpt:

What is your take on the recent building collapse in Lagos?

The recent building collapse is a sad thing; more so when people lost their lives in it. The state government has always been very concerned about the structures and government has always been on top of anything like that.

After the collapse in Itafaji, I really appreciate the role of the state government for being pro-active in the step taken. Many of those houses need to be removed. When you look at the structures in Lagos Island, having worked there in my banking days, I could remember that many of the buildings have packed up. The place is also overcrowded and if you want to remove a house, you must also provide alternatives.

When I listened to the state government asking them to move to a resettlement at Imota and Badagry, I could see that the government is really prepared to take the bull by the horns. The houses are there and the structures are very defective, they have to be moved and government is really prepared to take a political will to do it.

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