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How Schools Will Change In A Smart City

Along with the Smart City project, there have also been advancements in building ‘Smart Schools’ for students. These schools have been proposed with emerging technologically advanced programs that would make way for the future of education. Education is the backbone for development. Thus, by introducing smart educational programs, smart citizens can be educated and trained.

The new-age schools and education system in Smart Cities would possess software-mediated, highly coded, and data-driven infrastructure, where students would learn through digital media. Under such educational and learning programs, the students would decode real time solutions. Students would also be able to receive learning beyond classroom knowledge, and know the world better.

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Digitized education will also help students in contributing towards enhancing the society, and will also encourage them to help the environment. At present, numerous organizations have started foreseeing education as a smart social institution. IBM is launching a ‘Smarter Education’ program via its ‘Smart Cities’ agenda, and Microsoft is introducing its CityNext initiative which promotes an ‘Educated Cities’ program. Many cities have already brought up advanced infrastructures for educational institutes.

Moreover, with advance technology implemented in schools, it would also be easy to evaluate each student. This will help weaker students without hindering the ones with potential, giving an equal opportunity to every single student. This will further help in building the students as active citizens.

Thus, the changes that will take place in the schools in a smart city are:

  • Constant flow of real-time knowledge and learning, with respect to the world.
  • Students would be able to experiment, analyze and implement what they learn.
  • Advanced technology to help students develop.
  • Helping each student and giving them an equal opportunity to perform.
  • Inspiring students to become responsible citizens who can contribute towards the development of their society.

Educational institutions are one of the most important parts of a society, as they help to create a future for the world. The quality of education and facilities that students get decides the quality of citizens that they turn out to be. It is a moral duty to provide them with the best facilities and implement the latest technologies so that they can achieve their full potential.

Source: businessworld.in

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