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Difference between A House and A Home

House is a permanent structure, a building.

House generally refers to a building in which someone lives.

But a house is still a house, even if there is no one living inside the building.

Example: We decided to sell the house and move back to Seattle.

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  • Home is the place where you live or the location where you feel that you belong, so a home can be a building or a location.

Home has more emotional feelings than the world house, it represents comfort, safety.

A home can also be the town/ city/ country where you grew up.

Example: Last night we stayed at home and watched TV.

How to Use HOUSE and HOME

Home acts similar to words like herethere, inoutsomewhere, …. House does not.

Ex: They have a beautiful home in Hong Kong

Home carries more respect than house, so you can use it when you want to be polite to someone.

Ex: Good luck in your new home!

When you’re talking to other people about your own place, you usually use house instead of home.

Ex: Why don’t you all come over to our house for coffee?

Difference between A House and A Home | Image

Difference between A House and A Home


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