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Affordable housing contracts expire due to shut down


Thousands of senior citizens and disabled Americans who rely on government housing subsidies could face eviction and homelessness because of the government shutdown.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has run out of money and sent its employees home.

HUD’s mission includes serving some of the poorest people in America including those who rely on monthly HUD vouchers to pay for a place to live.

Sarah Pratt is the former Deputy Secretary of HUD. She says because of the shutdown more than 1,100 landlords around the country were notified they wouldn’t get the federal government’s portion of the rent they’re owed.

The longer the government shut down continues, the larger the number of landlords who won’t receive HUD vouchers.

Pratt says that could ultimately leave the most vulnerable Americans on the streets.

“That’s why there should be a sense of urgency attached to this, because there is nothing good accomplished with a government shutdown,” Republican Sen. John Thune said.

This is not simply an issue of greedy landlords; many low -income housing operations need the rent money to pay the bills for things like gas and water.

It’s a disaster for financially strapped states and cities left to deal with those in need


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