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Benefits of building home on mountain top

Money at hand can determine what one does at times. This is why rich people can even go as far as reclaiming land from seas to build their choice edifices.

Others go to mountain tops to develop their work of art without considering the cost of construction. Although some people may wonder what will make someone to choose no other place but mountain top to erect his residential building, those who opt for such sites have a lot of benefits they derive from building on mountain top.

A lot of benefits could accrue from the decision to build one’s house where it is not most convenient for other people to build. Of course, if no other thing, there is nothing as peaceful as living in the mountains especially one with nature.

The views are unrivaled and you are surrounded by flora and fauna everywhere you turn.

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Life can be simpler on the mountain, but if not armed with the proper tools, life can be more challenging on the mountain.

Mountain living, especially where you have ice, is synonymous with fresh air and exercise with endless hiking trails and many skiing opportunities.

Summertime in the mountains in that area is wonderful as well. Those who live in the mountains tend to live a healthier lifestyle and be healthier than those who do not. But as coastal living is not for everyone, mountain living is not for everyone either.

Any one who has ever visited the mountains of Western North Carolina, can see the appeal.Simply put, the mountains are beautiful.


The majestic, peaceful setting is an ideal escape from the city. Each season is distinct here, with snowy winters, springs full of life, mild summers, and colours like you have never seen in the fall.

However, this is not like the hills or mountain tops most Nigerian former leaders have cornered for habitation.

The Nigerian seat of power, the Aso Rock, is built on top of a mountain, former Presidents, Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida, and a retinue of other affluent Nigerians have chosen the mountain or hill tops for residence. Building a house here allows you to customise every part of it to your tastes and needs.

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It really is the best way to get all you want in a home. There are some things to consider, however, before you start building your mountain dream home.

Building in the mountains is different from building anywhere else. It is exciting, yet daunting at the same time.

Never fear, though, it is a rewarding experience and when you follow some few steps to building a mountain home, the process will not seem so overwhelming.

If the process of looking for a lot and building a house on it on your own seems overwhelming to you, you might want to look into a mountain community, especially one that is newer or just starting up.

Mountain communities will have several lots within them for sale that a house can be built on. They have model home designs and connections to architects and builders who specialise in designing and constructing mountain homes.

The community developers also can answer questions about utilities, water, sewer, internet, etc. Most mountain communities have several access roads in and out of the community, as well.

Mountain living often means limited access to highways and larger roadways. It may take you a better part of 20 to 30 minutes to get to a main road.

If you need to be able to commute, it would be advisable to take a couple of trial runs during the morning and evening rush. You will have longer to travel to get your groceries, medical needs and other day to day items we often take for granted.

This is one of the reasons mountain living is not for every Dick, Tom and Harry. You must know your economic level because most of those who live in mountains move in and out with helicopters or choppers to save themselves the burden of having to ascend and descend the top each time there is the need.

Those who live on mountain top always have stock of their daily needs because a forgotten item like milk, can end up being much more than a nuisance. You will likely need to be more organised about your errands and comings and goings.

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During storms and inclement weather, roads could become slick and often impassable. You will need to be prepared to be trapped at home for a few days.

Certain careers are better suited to mountain living than others. Writers, as well as others that can be done via telecommuting, may be better suited to mountain living than lawyers and doctors and others who are needed to be at their destinations daily and promptly.

Keep in mind that building a home in the mountains will include buying a lot to build on, which makes the cost more than buying a house that is already built. You need to set a budget that includes both the lot and house construction.

You do not want to spend more than your budget will allow on land to build on and then not have enough for the house you want.

Figure out how much you want to spend before you look at lots and fall in love with something that is way too expensive for your budget. After you allot funds for the lot and house, if needed, go ahead and visit a bank to talk about loans for lot purchase and house construction. Finding out how much money you are approved for will also help you finalise your budget.

Do keep in mind that with any house construction, there will be unseen costs along the way.

You can get estimates on construction costs, but once the actual work gets started, there will be expenses that no one could have predicted from planning alone. Do not max out your budget before construction begins; instead, leave a little leeway for the unexpected.

Hopefully, you won’t have to use the unexpected costs fund, but if you do, it is already in the budget. Many people who decide to build a home in the mountains often only consider one factor when choosing a lot – the view.

This is a common mistake, however. Yes, you want a spectacular view and gorgeous scenery in your mountain home, but do not let that be the only factor you look for in a lot.

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Mountain plans are designed for rugged landscapes, so whether you’re building on a beautiful, steep ridge that provides incredible views or your lot is just on the tougher side, there have been gathered, some homes that are up to the challenge of adapting to uneven terrain.

These designs were chosen for their ability to be built on and complement natural settings, and there is not a single style that fits the bill.

You will find a diverse mix of architecture in this collection, everything from craftsman cottages with tonnes of wood and stone detailing, to rustic log cabins, to country homes with more subdued exteriors.

All sizes are included as well, making this the place to look for your next woodland family home or highland getaway. You can even build your own lodge there.

Most of these plans are multi-level with amazing window designs to help bring the great outdoors inside, so if you love the sight of nature, your perfect home could be right here. But there are lots of other things one needs to take to mind while building on the mountains.

The home in the mountain must be a beehive of activities so that situations where one single being is left alone to start dreaming, hallucinating or imagining something that does not exit is not created.

There could also be rodents or crawlers that may also be looking for game innocently and seeing some activities may be one of the dreadful scenes that could create horror for the inhabitant. There should noise everyday and merriment to scare non-human beings from drawing close.

Once you find the perfect lot, you then have to find building plans for your dream house. Keep in mind that just as finding a mountain lot is different from other places, so are house plans for the mountains.

You cannot purchase common house plans for a mountain home. The house plans must fit your lot and mountain conditions.

Source: Maduka Nweke

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