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As a Nigerian youth in your 20s or early 30s, you probably just want to live for the moment and enjoy life. Thoughts on how to make money and ‘blow’ keep flooding your mind daily.

It is however quite surprising that when you think about this “get-rich quick” avenues, `you give little thought to real estate.

Thoughts like owning your first property or even a small parcel of land are quite far from your thoughts.

That is asking for too much abeg.

How do I know this? I was also in the same position as you are now, few years ago.

We seldom want to be bothered about things that we presume are out of our grasps for now.

You’re young and enjoying life. You have a great job, your hustle is paying well. You can get what you want when you want it. What more can a young person any where in the world or a Nigerian youth possibly want.

But despite having a steady income flow, you soon discover that you still have to live from paycheck to paycheck. This is because between having to pay the crazy rental charges, demanding Lagos landlords and taking care of your other necessary expenses, you have so little left.

So, this probably made you unconsciously jettison the idea of having a property. To you, complex issues like financial planning and property investments are issues to handle later — but they’re not.

Here are seven smart reasons why you should consider investing as little as you can spare on a property now.

Consider this an eye opener and insight into how to make money the easy and assured way as a Nigerian youth.

1. You are Young

Being young and independent can be pretty amazing. You can make your own rules, live where you want, buy what you want and travel whenever you want.

But that can get old pretty quickly, especially if you have other goals in mind.

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All the money you’re currently spending “living the life” while living in a crappy apartment could be spent on something else.

Your current lifestyle might actually allow you to cut costs in a way that might not be possible later in life when you have larger obligations.

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If you can learn how to effectively manage your money as a Nigerian youth, you can come up with enough cash to make things happen for yourself.

Also, as a young person in Nigeria. you need to think up new ways on how to make money.

2. You have the luxury of time.

You’ve heard about compounding interest. This is how to make money. You can ask the Dangotes and Otedolas of this country.

It means that a naira invested in your twenties generates more income than a naira invested in your fifties.

Assuming you re-invest the income in each case, the naira from your 20s has 30 extra years of income-generating power. This is just plain and unarguable logic.

That’s one way of saying that when you’re young, time is on your side. You have time to carefully plan your life without the weight of the responsibilities you’ll face with marriage and family.

You’ll also have time to try new ideas and recover from whatever financial mistakes you will make. You will also be able to withdraw your funds and diversify if some investment interests aren’t working for you like you expected.

3. Properties are the best and safest investment option

Having property investments as a Nigerian youth betters investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

The real estate market in Nigeria is still quite reliable than other investment options.

This is because it can generate revenue even when times are tough because people will always have roof over their heads, whether the economy is in a boom or recession.


If you’re looking for how to make money, this is it!

Take Lagos, Abuja and other top Nigerian cities as a case study. Times are understandably hard right now, but the influx into these cities keep rising every day.

People are constantly migrating for better opportunities. Logically, this people would need a place to live, right?

There will always be demand for shelter.

As a Nigerian youth in this age: that is where your money is.

A little bit of economics thinking should tell you, that rents and the value of properties would also keep rising because demand for it never ever ceases. In real estate circles, it is believed that volatile economic times are good for real estate.

4. You Can Earn More Income

Once you’ve bought property and found tenants, you’ll soon get a steady stream of rental payments.

If you wanted to know how to make money, this is the way. Rental properties are money cows. They always bring in the money.

If you selected your property well, rent payments should cover the property’s insurance, maintenance, and taxes while leaving extra funds for jollification and reinvestment.

5. The Resell value is mouthwatering.

Imagine for a moment that we’re already in 2030, and you’re planning to sell off that land or property you bought in 2018.

How much do you think it would sell for?

What 10 years can do to the value of a property is something that is beautiful to behold.

The numbers you would potentially be looking at when you decide to resell will far outstrip what you bought it for.

This is because the environment around the property would have developed to a reasonable extent and demand for properties in the area would be high.

The Ikorodu of 5 years ago isn’t the same as what it is now.


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6. It will teach you to save and be more prudent

If you’re prudent with how you spend your money, chances are that you will always have funds to spend on the right things that will ultimately yield more money.

Once you decide to invest as a Nigerian youth that you are, your lifestyle immediately changes. You will need to start putting money aside to make the first investment. After that, your planning expands beyond day-to-day living by necessity.

You will learn to manage your cash flow to have funds available for lump-sum payments such as property taxes and insurance. It’s good training for life and business.

7. You’ll become a Stakeholder in the community.

If you make plans to buy now, you’ll be a relevant stakeholder in the community by the time the property matures.

There are valuable perks that come with this kind of position. You would be able to witness and likely even oversee major developments coming into the area. There are no limits to the role you can play, even as a young person.

Anyone coming newly into the area, will have to literally pay reverence to you in a way. Who doesn’t love being a ‘Baba isale’ and positive point of reference.

To wrap up, i will say owning a property can build the bridge from the carefree, live-for-the-moment lifestyle of a Nigerian youth to an equally lively, and wealthy one.

You have been thinking so much of how to make money without knowing how, but I hope you do now.

Property investments is not just a way to make extra income; it’s also a way to leave your mark in life.

A mark that your yet unborn generation would live to meet and be grateful for.



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