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Affordable Ways to Transform Your House into a Cosy Home

Having a luxury hotel style within your home does more than just transform it into a cosy home. It emphasizes the fact that regardless of your budget, your home can be anything you want it to be especially if you have a soft spot for a lavish and pristine outlook.

Building a luxury home in Nigeria or any part of the world requires a budget that runs into millions. This is fine if you can afford it but if you are building, designing, decorating or renovating your home on a budget, here are proven tips that can help you achieve a cosy home without going overboard.

Give Your Bedroom the Lavish Touch
Think back to all the nice hotels you have ever slept in. You should remember that the beds always take centre stage with matching pillows, curtains and bedding.

Most people tend to ignore their bedrooms especially because guests don’t get to see it but if you’re aiming for a luxury style bedroom and a cosy home, don’t ignore the bedroom.

Aim for a meticulous touch with your bedroom and be deliberate with every tiny detail. For your mattress, go for one that is supportive. Complement this with a layer of plump down pillows and fine cotton sheets. Consider making provisions for a down comforter to seal the look of a top-notch bedroom.

Clone a Spa in Your Bathroom
The bigger your bathroom, the more creative and adventurous you can get with transforming this part of your house into a cosy home. The easiest way to this is to rely on your memory if you have ever spent time in a hotel with a luxurious bathroom.

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What you want to achieve here is a bathroom that has a lovely shower curtain, plush towels, scented candles and a beautiful bathtub. Remember that the idea here is not to spend so much. Keep your spendings within what you can afford. There’s no point borrowing money from your friends or colleagues to install heated tile flooring or rhodium towel racks in your bathroom. This defeats the purpose of keeping it affordable.

Focus on designing a bathroom that is serene and functional. If you can afford a glass-enclosed walk-in shower, go for it. If your budget won’t accommodate this, channel your energy into other fine elements like a large mirror, high-quality bathrobes and a plethora of pleasant scents. You can even hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door of your bathroom if you want.

Take Control of Your Climate
A cosy home not only looks cosy. it’s also imperative that they feel cosy. Find a way to regulate the temperature in your home in a way that it is never too hot or too cold.

A hot home will only leave guests fanning themselves as beads of sweat gradually build on their bodies. On the other hand, if your home becomes too cold, your guests can become so uncomfortable, they will struggle with concentrating on simple conversations.

Given Nigeria’s epileptic supply of electricity, a generator is a golden necessity. The average temperature in Lagos, for instance, fluctuates between 24 and 33 degrees. If you want a cosy home, you need an air conditioner in your home and not just one. For a heightened level of aesthetics, opt for split units.

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Consider automating the process of achieving a perfect temperature in your home by using a thermostat. A thermostat automatically regulates temperature by activating a device when the temperature in your home reaches a certain point.

If your budget does not support a thermostat or an air conditioner, buy a ceiling fan or standing fan to regulate the temperature. You can complement this with blinds and shades to sunny windows.

Light Up the House
A cosy home is not a dark or depressing. You’ll notice how well-lit luxury hotels are with chandeliers, mood lights and sconces. Your starting point should be your overhead lights. Take out outdated designs and replace them with modern alternatives that blend in perfectly with your rooms.

If you plan to use mood lighting with your overhead lights, remember to install dimmers in them. If your budget allows for something extra, consider adding some sconces over your framed arts and paintings
Keep Your Space Organised
You don’t have to hire a designer to hire a designer to arrange your space but you can take several cues from his/her work. Feel free to scroll through magazines on interior decoration, online galleries and several other online pages for visual inspiration. One thing that stands out in a home that is organised is that everything has a purpose. There is a deliberate effort to make everything in the house functional and purposeful.

Organised homes are devoid of clutter just as you would find in luxurious hotels in Nigeria. Things like decorative bowls and baskets are used to hide clutter.

You can spice up your rooms by adding lamps to you side tables on both sides of your bed or sofa. The principle of organising your home applies to every room in the house regardless of how big or small your space is.

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Final Thoughts on Cosy Home
Never forget that it is possible for you to clone a luxury hotel within the four walls of your house while keeping it affordable. Your budget should not be a hindrance to your ability to add a dash of glamour into your home.

A luxury hotel gives you that an opportunity to escape into its polished ambience, scented space and soothing space; to a point where it is worth every ‘kobo’ you spend on it. Why not transform your home into a space that offers you the same experience on a daily basis? Try these tips and open up your mind to be more creative with your space.

Samod Biobaku

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