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Real Estate giants, Urban Shelter Limited says it’s currently working on two new products in terms of financial payment plans.

The Company’s CEO/MD, Saadiyat Aminu told Housing TV in Abuja that the two new products are women ownership of homes and the not too young to own a home project.

Saadiyat said “you find a number of households being headed by females but they are disadvantaged in a number of ways. So I really want to champion that.”

On the Not too Young to own a home product, she said “we are looking at people aged 35 and below, we will also try fine-tune a product that will specifically target them.”

The MD said the Company currently have the stay and pay concept and the five year repayment plan. According to her “we all know home ownership in Nigeria can be particularly difficult. We introduced the five year repayment plan. This is not a mortgage, there are no interest charges, no hidden fees. We go through applications to see those eligible. For the stay and pay concept, when you pay 2nd to 3rd year of your payment, we allow you to move in to your property and pay off the balance.”

She added that “really it is to help the client, we can build a 100,000 home, if there isn’t a client that has a way to pay for that property, then really there is no point being in business.”

She listed Product, Customer Centric and leadership as the three major reasons that has made Urban Shelter a leading brand in the real estate sector.

According to her “we believe in the integrity of our product, we believe in the credibility of our product and most of all, we really press on the quality of our product.”

She added that “we think that as clients come in, it is our primary responsibility to meet their needs, so therefore we are very customer centric, we listen to their requirements, we listen to their needs, we ensure that we are responding to the kind of housing they are looking for.

Saadiyat further noted that “last but not the least is leadership, when am talking about leadership, am talking top to bottom and bottom up. So this leadership from the board chairman and their vision to the management’s ability to take advantage of opportunities in real estate development all the way to the NYSC and internship staff that come in, we have a single mind approach in terms of ensuring that the objectives of this company are being met day to day.”

She said the Company currently have over 60 hectares of plot it is developing and 8 sites located primarily in Abuja, Kaduna, Niger and Lagos States.

Urban Shelter Limited is a real estate development company based in Abuja for over 25 years. The company has developed over 10,000 housing units, over 150 kilometers of internal road and over 20,000 hectares of recreational green spaces to ensure holistic living environment.

Adeleke Samuel, Housing TV

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