A former President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) Engr. Emeka Ezeh has called on the Government to put in place a governance structure mechanism to prevent the activities of fraudsters in the real estate sector.

Engr. Ezeh made the call in an interview with Housing TV in Abuja.

He said “first and foremost, there is a need for governance structure on how real estate development should be managed. Government needs to come with a regulation on how that should happen. “

Engr. Ezeh who was also a former Director of the Bureau of Public Procurement also called on the Department of Development Control to set up a Unit to monitor real estate development.

He added that “if somebody puts up advert that he has an estate being developed, they are all over the place, everywhere, and am sure that people in development control have access to some of these things, all they need to do is to set up a department to monitor real estate development”

He further stated that “when they run into such advertisements, they have a responsibility to reach out to the owners of such addresses, please can we see the approval for these development and if there is no such approval that shuts off that scheme by the person and in the process the customers will not be swindled. There will be a sense of sanity and order for the real estate sector.”

He noted that there is a need for development control to ensure that those who advertise estates are properly approved with necessary papers, vision for infrastructure like water, electricity, good access roads among others.

Engr. Ezeh advised the consumers to always carry out due diligence before parting with their money to estate developers.

He said” until there is a responsibility on the part of the would be tenant on how they approach them, educate them on what to expect of the developers, if someone comes to you making an offer, you need to do a bit of due diligence check on the developer himself by insisting on getting his details and evidence of government approval of that estate.”


The former NSE boss added that “there is so much expectation of government in our whole psyche. It’s a good thing to look up to the government but people are forgetting their personal responsibility. There is a need for the people to be a bit cautious in dealing with people. It’s expected that due diligence will be carried out before parting with your money. You have your responsibility as a customer to find out how these are”

On the state of the roads in the rainy season, he said the pressure on the roads due to the collapse of the rail infrastructure is responsible for their present state.

According to him, roads are not permanent structures and are meant to be rehabilitated after some time, noting that he supports the call to change the budget year from May to May to take advantage of the dry season in repairing the roads.

Adeleke Samuel, Housing TV

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