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FCT Administration has sent its condolences to the family of a man who recently passed on following injuries sustained after he was trapped in a collapsing building. Adesola Esho, 43, a former resident of Angwan Saidu, a shanty community located near NAF Conference Centre, Kado, Abuja, had re-entered a structure after a recent demolition exercise.


Unfortunately for late Esho, who had earlier evacuated the building, his re-entry proved fatal, as the building collapsed while he was inside, injuring him. It was learnt that he was rushed to the hospital immediately where he later passed out.
In his condolence message to the bereaved family, the Coordinator, Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC), Malam Umar Shuaibu expressed regret over the unfortunate incident and prayed God to comfort the family of the deceased.


Speaking to newsmen following confirmation of the incident, the Coordinator indicated that AMMC officials upon receiving the report earlier, sent staffs to confirm the incident, but that the mood in the family did not permit any of the members to speak with the visiting officials. The authorities had to contact the Area Commander of Life-Camp who confirmed that the command was in receipt of the report.

According to the Area Commander, the report indicated that the man had been trapped when the building finally collapsed upon the victim’s re-entry.

Malam Shuaibu expressed concern over certain misrepresentations of the facts of the incident by a segment of the mass media, insinuating that the man was in his house when the demolition machine was in operation.

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He said, “This administration is a very humane one and always adds a human face to its efforts to enforce the law. The Administration had posted notices in the community in September 5, 2017 and conducted a sensitization meeting with the squatter stakeholders in October 4, 2017, before a final notice in January 2018. He praised the residents for their cooperation with authorities by evacuating their illegal structures to make room for the operations.”

He recalled a recent Court ruling which upheld the authority of FCT Administration to undertake demolition of illegal structures without prior notice. Shuaibu however added that FCT, with the directive of the FCT Minister, was not taking liberty of the law but has been magnanimous enough to give offenders enough room for compliance through notices and warning before any enforcement action is taken.

He lamented that FCT recently has been swarmed by people of questionable character, who easily find hiding places in hastily constructed shanties and illegal structures. He noted that FCT is a creation of law and structures that do not receive approvals or constitute breaches on the master-plan are usually removed to salvage the city from chaos.

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