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UN Habitat Presents Tool for the Implementation of New Urban Agenda

The New Urban Agenda encourages UN-Habitat and others ‘to generate evidence-based and practical guidance for [its] implementation and the urban dimension of the [SDGs], in close collaboration with Member States, local authorities, major groups and other relevant stakeholders, as well as through the mobilization of experts.’ UN-Habitat’s draft Action Framework for Implementation of the New Urban Agenda (AFINUA) aims to set out the essential ingredients for the implementation of the NUA, who should lead each, how they might be measured and how they link to the provisions of the NUA. The 35 key elements are grouped into the following five categories: (1) national urban policies, with six key elements, (2) urban legislation, rules and regulations, with nine key elements, (3) urban planning and design, with eight key elements, (4) urban economy and municipal finance, with six key elements, and (5) local implementation, with six key elements. Cutting across all 35 key elements are the principles of participation and governance.The action framework greatly benefited from inputs gathered at expert group meetings held in Surabaya in July 2016 and New York in April 2017.

Download AFINUA19thApr

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